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  1. Louis VIII (5 September 1187 – 8 November 1226), nicknamed The Lion ( French: Le Lion ), [a] was King of France from 1223 to 1226. As prince, he invaded England on 21 May 1216 and was excommunicated by a papal legate on 29 May 1216. On 2 June 1216, Louis was proclaimed "King of England" by rebellious barons in London, though never crowned.

  2. Louis VIII, byname Louis The Lion, or The Lion-heart, French Louis Le Lion, or Louis Coeur-de-lion, (born Sept. 5, 1187, Paris—died Nov. 8, 1226, Montpensier, Auvergne, Fr.), Capetian king of France from 1223 who spent most of his short reign establishing royal power in Poitou and Languedoc.

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  3. Louis VIII(5 September 1187 – 8 November 1226) was King of Francefrom 1223 to 1226. From 1216 to 1217, he invaded and claimed the Kingdom of England(he was never crowned). This was part of the rebellion by the barons against King John. v t e Monarchs of France Detailed family tree Simplified family tree List of Frankish kings

  4. Jan 17, 2023 · Louis VIII the Lion (5 September 1187 – 8 November 1226) reigned as King of France from 1223 to 1226. He was a member of the House of Capet. Louis VIII was born in Paris, France, the son of Philip II of France and Isabelle of Hainaut. He was also Count of Artois from 1190, inheriting the county from his mother. As Prince Louis:

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  5. Louis VIII, also known as Louis the Lion or the Lion-Heart, was the king of France between 1223 and 1226. He was the son of Isabelle of Hainaut who formerly ruled the County of Artois as a countess. Hainaut passed her inheritance to her son Louis VIII who later became the count of Artois. His father was King Philip II of France.

  6. When Roi Louis VIII "le Lion" de France was born on 5 September 1187, in Poissy, Yvelines, Île-de-France, France, his father, Roi Philippe II Augustus de France, was 22 and his mother, Isabelle de Hainault, was 17. He married Blanche de Castile on 23 May 1200. They were the parents of at least 10 sons and 4 daughters.

  7. Oct 16, 2020 · Louis VIII of France was born on September 5, 1187 as King Philip II ‘s eldest son. Upon his birth, the Capetian dynasty was secured for another generation. As a result, the king could focus his efforts on combating the English. Through inheritance and marriage, Henry II of England controlled both England and western France.

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