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    Louis XI (3 July 1423 – 30 August 1483), called " Louis the Prudent " ( French: le Prudent ), was King of France from 1461 to 1483. He succeeded his father, Charles VII . Louis entered into open rebellion against his father in a short-lived revolt known as the Praguerie in 1440.

  2. Louis XI, (born July 3, 1423, Bourges, Fr.—died Aug. 30, 1483, Plessis-les-Tours), king of France (1461–83) of the House of Valois who continued the work of his father, Charles VII, in strengthening and unifying France after the Hundred Years’ War.

  3. Louis XI, (born July 3, 1423, Bourges, France—died Aug. 30, 1483, Plessis-les-Tours), King of France (1461–83). He plotted against his father, Charles VII, and was exiled to Dauphiné (1445), which he ruled as a sovereign state until Charles approached its borders with an army (1456).

  4. Jun 27, 2018 · Louis XI >Louis XI (1423-1483), called the Spider King, was king of France from 1461 >to 1483. He suppressed baronial power, made peace with England, and >reorganized French royal authority. The prosperity of France and the authority of the Crown were the major concerns of Louis XI.

  5. Louis XI, in referring to the abstract concept of the crown, expressed a modern idea of the state. He reaffirmed tradition by making the feast of “Saint” Charlemagne a holiday and by founding the knightly Order of Saint Michael.

  6. King Louis XI Facts 1. He Was A Mommy’s Boy Advertisement Maybe it’s no wonder Louis turned out so dysfunctional: He was spoiled from birth. Born in 1423, Louis was the eldest son and heir of Charles VII, the King of France, and his wife Queen Marie of Anjou.

  7. Louis XI of France, also known as ‘Louis the Prudent,’ was King of France. He ruled France from 1461 to 1483. He spent most of his childhood years at Loches, Touraine. He grew up in seclusion and hence, became a silent, introvert, and a secretive man with high level of intelligence.

  8. Mar 17, 2015 · Louis XI was king of France from 1461 to 1483. Louis XI’s reign ranks alongside those of the likes of Francis I and Henry IV “Only Louis was really outstanding among the later Valois King’s” (Williams) By the time of his death, he had made a major impression on France. How?

  9. Louis XI, né le 3 juillet 1423 à Bourges, mort le 30 août 1483 au château de Plessis-lèz-Tours, est roi de France de 1461 à 1483, sixième roi de la branche dite de Valois (Valois directs) de la dynastie capétienne.

  10. Click to enlarge. Louis XI, King of France, eldest son of Charles VII and Marie of Anjou, b. at Bourges July 3, 1423; d. at Plessis-les-Tours, August 30, 1483. Having married Margaret of Scotland in June, 1436, he took part in two intrigues against his father, Charles VII, the first in 1440, when he organized the revolt of the Praguerie, the ...

  11. Aug 25, 2019 · By Lieven Smits In 1433, there was increasing political instability that affected the King’s court and Louis went to live with his mother and sisters at Amboise. He was finally treated according to his rank as Dauphin of France.

  12. Apr 12, 2023 · Louis XII, from 1465 to 1498 duc d’Orléans, also called (from 1506) Father of the People or French Père du Peuple, (born June 27, 1462, Blois, France—died January 1, 1515, Paris), king of France from 1498, noted for his disastrous Italian wars and for his domestic popularity.

  13. Louis XI (3 July 1423 – 30 August 1483), called "Louis the Prudent" (French: le Prudent), was King of France from 1461 to 1483. His father was Charles VII and his mother was Marie of Anjou . Born in Bourges , France, Louis was married to Margaret Stewart , daughter of James I of Scotland .

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