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    Marie of Cleves. Louis XII (27 June 1462 – 1 January 1515) was King of France from 1498 to 1515 and King of Naples from 1501 to 1504. The son of Charles, Duke of Orléans, and Maria of Cleves, he succeeded his second cousin once removed and brother in law at the time, Charles VIII, who died without direct heirs in 1498.

  2. Apr 12, 2023 · Louis XII, from 1465 to 1498 duc d’Orléans, also called (from 1506) Father of the People or French Père du Peuple, (born June 27, 1462, Blois, France—died January 1, 1515, Paris), king of France from 1498, noted for his disastrous Italian wars and for his domestic popularity.

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  3. Louis XII, (born June 27, 1462, Blois, France—died Jan. 1, 1515, Paris), King of France (1498–1515). He became king on the death of his cousin Charles VIII. He annulled his marriage to marry Charles’s widow, Anne of Brittany, and to reinforce the union of her duchy with France.

  4. Jan 7, 2021 · Francais Wiki. Louis XII (27 June 1462 – 1 January 1515), called "the Father of the People" (French: Le Père du Peuple) was king of France and the sole monarch from the Valois-Orléans branch of the House of Valois. He reigned from 1498 to 1515 and pursued a very active foreign policy.

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  5. May 8, 2018 · LOUIS XII (FRANCE) (born 1462 – 1515; ruled 1498 – 1515), king of France. The only son of Charles of Orl é ans and Mary of Cleves, Louis was the great-grandson of Charles VI (ruled 1380 – 1422). As a youth, Louis did not expect to gain the throne since he was several degrees of blood distant from the ruling family.

  6. Tenacious Facts About Louis XII, The Luckless King Every epic story needs one thing—an inspiring hero with a compelling quest. In Louis XII, you get double your money. First of all, he wanted to reclaim Milan for France, no matter the grisly body count. Secondly, he desperately needed a male heir.

  7. The J. Paul Getty Museum. The Hours of Louis XII was one of the greatest French illuminated manuscripts of the Renaissance. A prayer book, it was decorated in tempera and gold on parchment by Jean Bourdichon (1457–1521) for the French ruler Louis XII (reigned 1462–1515) at a time when his court was a principal centre of European art and ...

  8. Mar 17, 2015 · Louis XII was king of France from June 1498 to January 1515. Louis was the cousin of Charles VIII and the nearest relative. He had been one of the rebel nobles but had been forgiven in 1491 probably because he was family. He married Anne of Brittany, the widow of Charles VIII. Louis acquired a reputation for being kind, humane and popular.

  9. Louis XII Louis XII par Jean Perréal , vers 1514. Titre Roi de France 7 avril 1498 – 1 er janvier 1515 (16 ans, 8 mois et 25 jours) Couronnement 27 mai 1498 , en la Cathédrale de Reims Prédécesseur Charles VIII Successeur François I er Roi de Naples 2 août 1501 – 31 janvier 1504 (2 ans, 5 mois et 29 jours) Prédécesseur Frédéric I er Successeur Ferdinand II Duc de Milan 6 ...

  10. Mary Tudor ( / ˈtjuːdər /; 18 March 1496 – 25 June 1533) was an English princess who was briefly Queen of France as the third wife of King Louis XII. Louis was more than 30 years her senior. Mary was the fifth child of Henry VII of England and Elizabeth of York, and the youngest to survive infancy.

  11. The Italian Wars of 1499-1504 are divided into two connected, but distinct phases: the Second Italian War (1499–1501), sometimes known as Louis XII's Italian War, and the Third Italian War (1502-1504) or War over Naples.

  12. Mary Tudor, (born March 1495/96—died June 24, 1533, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Eng.), English princess, the third wife of King Louis XII of France; she was the sister of England’s King Henry VIII (ruled 1509–47) and the grandmother of Lady Jane Grey, who was titular queen of England for nine days in 1553. Mary’s father, King Henry VII (ruled ...

  13. Aug 19, 2019 · A timeline chronology of the life of King Louis XII of France who was opposed to Charles VIII, fought in the Italian Wars and married Mary Tudor

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