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  1. The Lego Movie - Wikipedia › wiki › The_Lego_Movie

    23 hours ago · The Lego Movie is a 2014 computer-animated adventure comedy film written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller from a story by Lord, Miller, and Dan and Kevin Hageman. Based on the Lego line of construction toys , its story focuses on Emmet, an ordinary Lego minifigure who helps a resistance movement stop a tyrannical businessman ...

  2. Young Love - Wikipedia › wiki › Young_Love

    1 day ago · 『Young Love』(ヤング・ラヴ)は、サザンオールスターズの12枚目のオリジナル・アルバムであり、本作の4曲目に収録されている楽曲名である。1996年 7月20日にCDとカセットテープで発売。発売元はタイシタレーベル。

    • 1995年10月6日 - 1996年6月23日, VICTOR STUDIO, 猫に小判STUDIO
    • 1996年7月20日, 日本
  3. Extras (TV series) - Wikiquote › wiki › Extras
    • Season 1
    • Season 2
    • Christmas Special
    • Cast

    Episode 1

    1. Ben Stiller: A lot of you might be thinking, 'Why am I making this movie?' Sure, you guys look at me as one of the world's most successful comedy actors … what does that mean? I mean, yeah, I make Along Came Polly, it opens to $32 million, one of the biggest Martin Luther King, Jr. birthday holiday opening weekends ever, goes on to gross 170 million worldwide. Meet the Parents, double that. But what does the money and the success mean in real terms? If I find a little orphan child in a war...

    Episode 2

    1. Andy: Sorry, the reason I'm here is, I want to know what your plan of action is. What's your strategy, what is your business plan? 2. Darren: Well, my plan is, when you get some work, then I can start making some money. 'Cause what I'm no good at, is, you know, breaking an act. 3. Andy: Oh! So, when I'm successful, you can deduct 12.5%, no problem. 4. Darren: 15 for adverts. That's what I'm hanging on for, really. 5. Andy: [incredulous]Yeah? You just want someone to call up and give me an...

    Episode 3

    1. Andy: Have you talked dirty back to him? Have you? 2. Maggie: No, no, I have not. I don't know what to say to him, it's too embarrassing. What if I say, like, something and he just laughs at me, or something and he, and it's too much and he gets all offended. 3. Andy: Well, no, it's just all stuff like, "Ooh, I'm playing with myself." 4. Kate Winslet: Sounds interesting. 5. Andy: Hi. Not me. Her. 6. Kate Winslet: Go on. 7. Andy: Her boyfriend likes to talk dirty on the phone and she doesn'...

    Episode 1

    1. Keith Chegwin: [as Alfie]My sister buried me today. 2. Andy: Oh, for fuck's sake! Why would your sister bury you? 1. Keith Chegwin: Back again! 14 years I did here at the BBC. Swap Shop. Cheggers plays pop, all sorts. Still run by Jews and Queers, is it? 2. Andy: Its, what!? 3. Keith Chegwin: This place, still run by your Jews and queers? 4. Andy: I think there are a some Jewish people, and some gay people, yeah. 5. Keith Chegwin:[sarcastically] 'Gay!' Yeah I forgot, not meant to say queer...

    Episode 2

    1. Andy: I'm an entertainer too. 2. David Bowie: What do you do? 3. Andy: I'm in a sitcom. 4. Maggie: It's called 'When The Whistle Blows'. Have you seen it? 5. David Bowie: I haven't, no, is it any good? 6. Heckler: [off-screen]Na. It's shit.

    Episode 3

    1. Daniel Radcliffe: You married? 2. Make-Up Artist: Yeah 3. Daniel Radcliffe: Don't stop me. A ring don't mean a thing. 1. Darren: The papers don't look good 2. Andy: Oh what's it say? 3. [Holds up newspaper] 4. Darren: "Bully kicks midget in face". 5. Andy: Accurate... 6. [Puts down paper and holds up another] 7. Darren:"Pick on someone your own size, fatty". 8. Andy: At least it can't get worse. 9. [Puts down paper and holds up another] 10. Darren: Yeah, look at this one; "Suicide bombers...

    [as they pass the TV displays in the department store]
    Maggie: Look, it's Greg in a film!
    Andy: Oh, come on, we can't watch telly in the day.
    Maggie: No, wait, I want to see! [the clip plays on, showing Greg dueling with Clive Owen]I love Clive Owen.
    Andy: [scoffs] Clive. Good name for a film star. Clive...
    Maggie: [as the clip ends and Jonathan Ross begins interviewing the actors]Greg seems good in it!
    Ricky Gervais - Andy Millman
    Ashley Jensen - Maggie Jacobs
    Stephen Merchant - Darren Lamb(credited as "Agent")
    Shaun Williamson - Barry from EastEnders(himself)
  4. Eva Chen Hopes to Inspire Self-Love in Asian American ... › entertainment › eva-chen-hopes

    May 07, 2021 · I Am Golden, illustrated by Sophie Diao, is an uplifting story that seeks to teach Asian American children about self-love and validation. The book will also include a special author's note ...

  5. LEAVING HIS MARK - PressReader › usa › chicago-sun-times

    May 08, 2021 · Sometimes, during competitor­s’ live shots, power cords magically came unplugged. There was always lots of jostling for position in scrums around players, and tensions would rise. Giangreco and ABC 7’s Jim Rose almost came to blows once in the Bears’ locker room, to the players’ amusement.

  6. 樂高玩電影 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书 › wiki › 樂高玩電影

    23 hours ago · 劇情. 故事於樂高宇宙,所有的人物和建築物都是樂高組成的。故事一開始,維特長老試圖保護一種超級武器「瘋膠魔」(強力膠)以免落入邪惡的企業總裁手中,但企業總裁帶領著部下現身將瘋膠魔奪走,並弄瞎了維特長老的雙眼,得意的總裁正打算離身而去時,長老預言將會有個「非凡」的人會 ...

  7. Awesome Blog Posts You May Have Missed (May 2-8) – Alison In ... › 2021/05/08 › awesome-blog

    May 08, 2021 · In an effort to be a more active member of the book blogging community, I'm planning on making this a weekly post where I share some of the interesting blog posts that have caught my eye in the last week.

  8. Randall Park — Wikipédia › wiki › Randall_Park

    23 hours ago · Biographie. Né de parents coréens qui immigrent aux États-Unis, Randall Park est diplômé d'un baccalauréat universitaire ès lettres et d'une maîtrise universitaire ès lettres de l'université de Californie à Los Angeles (UCLA).

  9. The Evening Edit : FBC : May 8, 2021 6:00am-7:00am EDT : Free ... › details › FBC_20210508_100000_The

    May 08, 2021 · preventable in the fall of the administration. liz: you are terrific, please come back soon, we love having you on, good to see you thank you troy service for our country, thank you for watching i'm elizabeth macdonald you been watching "the evening edit" on fox business, we hope you have a good evening mondayel night. wee you next week ...

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