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  1. Jan 27, 2023 · Luxembourg is a member of NATO and was one of the original 12 countries to sign the North Atlantic Treaty (also known as the Washington Treaty) in 1949 in 2015, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg signed an agreement to conduct joint air policing of their territories; under the agreement, which went into effect in January of 2017, the Belgian and Dutch Air Forces trade responsibility for patrolling the skies over the three countries (2022)

  2. Why should you absolutely visit Luxembourg? Because you can experience a lot here, in a country where the distances are short and the impressions are great. A small destination at the heart of Europe with deep historical roots, that is constantly evolving and reinventing itself. Visit historic sites, enjoy incredible unspoilt natural landscapes, fairy-tale castles, sports in action, culinary highlights, wellness, relaxation and cultural depth.

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    Luxembourg is a representative democracy headed by a constitutional monarch, Grand Duke Henri, making it the world's only remaining sovereign grand duchy. Luxembourg is a developed country with an advanced economy and one of the world's highest GDP (PPP) per capita.

  4. Luxembourg. Stretching just 82km and 57km at its longest and widest points respectively, diminutive Luxembourg is a charming slice of northern Europe that consistently ranks among the world's top three nations in both wealth and wine consumption. The Grand Duchy's capital, Luxembourg City, has a fairy-tale quality to its Unesco-listed historic core, perched on a dramatic clifftop.

  5. Feb 24, 2021 · With an area of 2,586 sq. km, Luxembourg is one of the smallest sovereign countries in Europe. With a population of 626,108 people, Luxembourg is one of the least populated countries in Europe. Located in Southern Luxembourg, at the confluence of Alzette and Petrusse Rivers, Luxembourg –City is the national capital, the largest city and the most populous commune of Luxembourg.

  6. Dec 1, 2021 · Luxembourg is Europe’s smallest country but it has so much to offers in terms of excellent hospitality, adventurous tourist attractions, rich culture, amazing food and drinks-making is totally worth visiting. Luxembourg is a great place to enjoy a quiet and rejuvenating vacation in Europe.

  7. Luxembourg is one of the de facto capitals of the European Union (alongside Brussels, Frankfurt and Strasbourg), as it is the seat of several institutions, agencies and bodies, including the Court of Justice of the European Union, the European Court of Auditors, the Secretariat of the European Parliament, the European Public Prosecutor's Office, the European Investment Bank, the European Investment Fund, the European Stability Mechanism, Eurostat, as well as other European Commission ...

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