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  1. Madame Bovary is a 1949 American romantic drama film adaptation of the classic 1857 novel of the same name by Gustave Flaubert.It stars Jennifer Jones, James Mason, Van Heflin, Louis Jourdan, Alf Kjellin (billed as Christopher Kent), Gene Lockhart, Frank Allenby and Gladys Cooper.

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    Madame may refer to: Madam, civility title or form of address for women, derived from the French Madame; Madam (prostitution), a term for a woman who is engaged in the business of procuring prostitutes, usually the manager of a brothel; Madame, a Spanish-Italian-French film; Madame, a French comedy-drama film

  3. He appeared as a jilted lover in the expensively-produced costume drama Green Dolphin Street (1947); he was Athos, one of The Three Musketeers (1948) and an ex-GI on the trail of a psychopathic prison camp informer in Fred Zinnemann's Act of Violence (1948); poignant as the unloved Monsieur Bovary in Madame Bovary (1949); an ex-cop in love with ...

  4. Here the critique is in the realm of characterisation, however the critiquing can be carried out in various other ways. Some novels get adapted over and over agam. Madame Bovary according to Robert Stam39 has been adapted at least nine times, in countries as diverse as France, Portugal, U.S.A. India and Argentina.

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    Jean Renoir concepisce la lavorazione di un film come "work in progress". (De Vincenti, Durgnat, Cauliez) La sceneggiatura per Renoir è solo uno strumento che si modifica via via che si progredisce nella lavorazione del film: è l'obiettivo finale che non deve essere cambiato.

  6. Zijn tegenspeelster was Leslie Caron, in haar eerste film. Het (revolutionaire) uitgangspunt voor de film was om het werk van George Gershwin, met name de compositie An American in Paris uit 1928, te combineren met Franse impressionisten. Uiteindelijk werd deze compositie niet alleen gecombineerd met de schilderkunst maar ook met Amerikaanse en ...

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