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    Magnus V Erlingsson (Old Norse: Magnús Erlingsson, 1156 – 15 June 1184) was a king of Norway during the civil war era in Norway. He was the first Scandinavian monarch to be crowned. He helped to establish primogeniture in royal succession in Norway.

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    Magnus V Erlingsson, king of Norway (1162–84) who used church support to gain the throne (1162) and become the nation’s first crowned monarch (1163). After 1177 his rule was challenged by his rival Sverrir, whose forces killed Magnus in battle.

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    Magnus V Erlingsson (Old Norse: Magnús Erlingsson) (1156–1184) was a King of Norway during the Civil war era in Norway. Magnus Erlingsson was probably born in Etne in Hordaland. He was the son of Erling Skakke. His father was a Norwegian nobleman who earned his reputation crusading with Rögnvald Kali Kolsson, the Earl of Orkney. His mother was Kristin Sigurdsdatter, daughter of king Sigurd ...

    • 1156 Etne, Hordaland
    • Inge I and Haakon II
    • 15 June 1184 (aged 27–28) Fimreite
    • Estrid Bjørnsdotter
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    Magnus V of Norway (1156-16 January 1184) was King of Norway from 7 July 1162 to 15 June 1184, succeeding Haakon II and preceding Sverre. Magnus Erlingsson was born in Etne, Hordaland, Norway in 1156, the son of the Norwegian landowner Erling Skakke. In 1161, on the death of Inge I of Norway, he was named King, and he seized power in 1162 after killing King Haakon II of Norway in battle. He ...

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    Magnus IV of Norway — Magnus IV the Blind King of Norway Reign 1130–1135 Predecessor Sigurd the Crusader Successor Harald Gille Reign 1137–1139 Predecessor Harald Gille Successor … Wikipedia. Magnus II of Norway — Magnus Haraldsson redirects here. For 10th century Norse Gael king, see Maccus mac Arailt.

  6. Magnus Erlingsson, King of Norway (c.1156 - 1184) - Genealogy

    Noteringar I källan står: Magnus V Erlingson, King from 1161, son of Erling Skakke and Sigurd Jorsalfare's daughter, Kristina. He was elected king by the chiefs in Western Norway, who would not recognize Sigurd Munn's son, Håkon Herdebrei.

    • Inge Magnusson
  7. Dec 22, 2018 · Magnus V Erlingsson (Old Norse: Magnús Erlingsson) (1156–1184) was a King of Norway during the Civil war era in Norway. He was in 1161 chosen king of the viksk-vestlandske lendmannspartiet which was built around King Inge Haraldsson "Hookback" .

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    Magnus Haakonsson (Old Norse: Magnús Hákonarson, Modern Norwegian: Magnus Håkonsson; 1 (or 3) May 1238 – 9 May 1280) was King of Norway (as Magnus VI) from 1263 to 1280 (junior king from 1257). One of his greatest achievements was the modernisation and nationalisation of the Norwegian law-code, after which he is known as Magnus the Law ...

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    In 1163 the church of Norway supported the claims of a pretender, Magnus V Erlingsson, in return for his obedience to the pope, guarantees for the reforms of 1152, and the issuance of a letter of privileges for the church. Magnus’s coronation was the first at which the archbishop presided.

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    Magnus V of Norway — Magnus Erlingsson King of Norway Reign 1161 – 15 June 1184 Coronation Bergen, 1163/1164 Predecessor Inge Haraldsson and Haakon the Broadshouldered Successor Sverre Sigurdsson … Wikipedia. Magnus I of Norway — Magnus the Good Coin of Magnus I. King of Norway Reign 1035–1047 Predecessor Cnut the Great Successor ...