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  1. † "बॉम्बे पुनर्गठन अधिनियम 1960" द्वारा बॉम्बे राज्य को विभाजित कर महाराष्ट्र और गुजरात नामक दो राज्यों का गठन किया गया था।

  2. List of districts in Maharashtra - Simple English Wikipedia ... › wiki › List_of_districts_in

    Wikimedia list article The Indian State of Maharashtra came into existence on 1 May, 1960. It is also known as Maharashtra Day, It has 36 Districts,as of now.Initially with 26 districts. 10 new districts have been created since then, and currently the number of districts in the state is 36.

  3. Aurangabad, Maharashtra - Wikipedia › wiki › Aurangabad,_Maharashtra

    Aurangabad, Maharashtra Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge Aurangabad (pronunciation (help·info); Marathi: औरंगाबाद) is a city of the gates Aurangabad destrict Maharashtra state in Indie.

  4. Maharashtra - Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya › wiki › Maharashtra

    Maharashtra Mula sa Wikipedia, ang malayang ensiklopedya Ang Maharashtra (/ mɑːhəˈrɑːʃtrə /; IPA : [məharaːʂʈrə], abbr. MH) ay isang estado sa kanlurang rehiyon ng India. May mahigit sa 110 milyong katao ang naninirahan dito kasama ang 15.2 milyon katao sa kabisera nitong Mumbai.

  5. Maharashtra - Wikipedia › wiki › Maharashtra : Sehatra ofisialy Mbola ambangovangony amin'ny resaka India ity lahatsoratra ity ary tokony hofenoina . Azonao atao ny mandray anjara eto amin'ny Wikipedia amin'ny alàlan'ny fanitarana azy .

  6. Maharashtra - Wikipedia › wiki › Maharashtra

    Maharashtra Iz Wikipedije, slobodne enciklopedije Maharaštra je savezna država Indije sa površinom od 307.713 km² i 96.752.247 stanovnika (stanje: 1. jan. 2001). Gustina stanovništva je 314 stan./km².

  7. Maharashtra - Wikipèdia › wiki › Maharashtra

    Maharashtra (महाराष्ट्र, mahārāṣṭra, en marata), es un estat de l'oèst d' Índia. Es lo segond estat pus poblat e lo tresen en superfícia d' Índia.

  8. Maharashtra | Capital, Map, Population, & Government | Britannica › place › Maharashtra

    Maharashtra, state of India, occupying a substantial portion of the Deccan plateau in the western peninsular part of the subcontinent. Its shape roughly resembles a triangle, with the 450-mile (725-km) western coastline forming the base and its interior narrowing to a blunt apex some 500 miles (800 km) to the east.

  9. Maharashtra - History, Geography, Economy, Demographics › maharashtra

    Maharashtra is a significant part of the famous Deccan plateau with the Sahyadri range or the Western Ghats forming the physical backbone as well as the coastal belt of the state. The highest peak...

  10. Culture of Maharashtra - Festivals, Art & Traditions - Holidify › pages › culture-of-maharashtra

    Maharashtra can also be called the land of scholars, saints and actors as many of the people from Maharashtra have succeeded in the fields mentioned above. Maharashtra is known for its purogami culture (forward culture). 'Maha' means big and 'Rashtra' means nation. Maharashtra is indeed 'Maha' in its size, population and culture.

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