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  2. Alessandro Marcello (Composer) Born: August 24, 1669 - Venice, Italy. Died: June 19, 1747 - Padua, Italy. Alessandro Marcello was an Italian nobleman and dilettante who excelled in various areas, including poetry, philosophy, mathematics and, perhaps most notably, music. Much of what is known about Alessandro Marcello comes not from his few compositions, but from his professional career and social activities as a member of Venice's nobility.

  3. Marcelo Vieira da Silva Júnior (born 12 May 1988), known as Marcelo, is a Brazilian professional footballer who plays as a left-back for Super League Greece club Olympiacos. Known for his offensive capabilities, trickery, and technical qualities, Marcelo is often regarded as one of the greatest left-backs of all time. [4]

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    Marcello is a common masculine Italian given name. It is a variant of Marcellus. The Spanish and Portuguese version of the name is Marcelo, differing in having only one "l", while the Greek form is Markellos. Contents 1 Etymology 2 People with given name 3 People with surname 3.1 In music 3.2 Other fields 4 See also Etymology [ edit]

  5. Marcello was born on February 6, 1910, to Sicilian immigrants Giuseppe and Luigia Minacore, in Tunis, French Tunisia. With his family, Marcello immigrated to the United States in 1911 and settled in a decaying plantation house near Metairie in Jefferson Parish, a suburb of New Orleans. His father adopted a different family name to avoid confusion with his supervisor on the sugar plantation where he had started work.

  6. Alessandro Ignazio Marcello ( Italian: [marˈtʃɛllo]; 1 February 1673 [1] – 19 June 1747 [2]) was an Italian nobleman and composer. Biography [ edit] Born in Venice, Marcello was the son of a senator, and as a nobleman, enjoyed a comfortable life that gave him the freedom to pursue his interest in music.

  7. The name Marcello is boy's name of Spanish, Italian origin meaning "young warrior". Based on the ancient name Marcellus, drawn from Mars the god of war, Marcello -- it's pronounced mar-chell-o -- is one of the most lush and attractive Latin names.

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