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  1. Margaret Christofsdottir (c. 1305–1340) |

    Margaret Christofsdottir (c. 1305–1340)Danish princess . Born around 1305; died in 1340; daughter of Euphemia of Pomerania (d. 1330) and Christopher II (1276–1332), king of Denmark (r. 1319–26, 1330–32); became first wife of Louis V the Brandenburger (1316–1361), duke of Bavaria (r. 1347–1361), in December 1324.

  2. Margaret |

    Margaret (1283–90), queen of Scots (1286–90), known as ‘the Maid of Norway’. Daughter of Eric II of Norway, she succeeded her grandfather Alexander III, whose children had all predeceased him, at the age of 3 in 1286, and her premature death four years later was one of the most significant events in medieval British history.

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    Jun 17, 2003 · Margaret Christofsdottir, Princess of Denmark is the daughter of Christopher I Valdemarsson, King of Denmark and Margaret of Pomerania. She married Johann II von Schauenberg, son of Johann I Graf von Holstein and Elisabeth von Sachsen, in 1276. She gained the title of Princess Margaret of Denmark.

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    Jul 15, 2005 · Margaret Christofsdottir was born circa 1305. She was the daughter of Christopher II Eriksson, King of Denmark and Euphamia of Pomerania. She married Ludwig V Herzog von Bayern, son of Ludwig IV von Bayern, Holy Roman Emperor, in 1324. 1 She died in 1340. 1

  5. Ingirid Svendsdottir of DENMARK - Margaret Eriksson of DENMARK

    Descendents of Margaret (Christofsdottir) of DENMARK 1 Margaret (Christofsdottir) of DENMARK =John II of HOLSTEIN-KIEL , Count of Holstein Marriage: 1276 2 Christoph of SCHAUENBURG 2 Adolf of SCHAUENBURG =Liutgard of MECKLENBURG 2 Mechthild of SCHAUENBURG. Go To List Of Surnames For further information email:

  6. He succeeded to the title of King Christopher II of Denmark in 1330.1 Children of Christopher II Eriksson, King of Denmark and Euphamia of Pomerania Otto Christofsson, Duke of Lolland and Estland d. a 1347 Agnes Christofsdottir Heilwig Christofsdottir Margaret Christofsdottir b. c 1305, d. 1340 Erik Christofsson, King of Denmark b. 1307, d ...

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    Margaret Christofsdottir, Princess of Denmark Mathilde Christofsdottir, Princess of Denmark A Wikimédia Commons tartalmaz I. Kristóf témájú médiaállományokat.

  8. Μάργκαρετ Σαμπίρια - ΒικιπαίδειαΜάργκαρετ...

    Margaret Christofsdottir, Princess of Denmark Mathilde Christofsdottir, Princess of Denmark: Γονείς: Sambor II, Duke of Pomerania και Matilda of Mecklenburg: Αξιώματα και βραβεύσεις; Αξίωμα: βασιλική σύζυγος της Δανίας (1252–1259) Σχετικά πολυμέσα

  9. Albertus of BAVARIA - Frederick of BAVARIA

    1 Albrecht I Holland Wittelsbach of BAVARIA =Margarete of SILESIA-BRIEG 2 Johanna of BAVARIA =Wenzel IV of BOHEMIA 2 Katharina of Holland WITTELSBACH =Edward of GUELDRES , Count of Gueldres =William III (VIII) of JULICH , Duke of Julich 2 Margaret of Bavaria WITTELSBACH =John the Fearless of BURGUNDY , Duke of Burgundy Marriage: 12 APR 1385 3 ...

  10. matilda of brandenburg duchess of poland pictures of death ...

    Matilda of Brandenburg (Polish: Matylda Brandenburska, German: Matilda von Brandenburg; b. ca. 1270 – d. bef. 1 June 1298), was a German princess member of House of Ascania and by marriage Duchess of Wrocław and High Duchess of Poland.