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  1. Margaret of Austria, Duchess of Savoy - Wikipedia › wiki › Margaret_of_Austria

    4 days ago · Childhood and life in France. Margaret was born on 10 January 1480 and named after her stepgrandmother, Margaret of York.She was the second child and only daughter of Maximilian of Austria (future Holy Roman Emperor) and Mary of Burgundy, co-sovereigns of the Low Countries.

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  3. Magdalena of Saxony - Wikipedia › wiki › Magdalena_of_Saxony

    1 day ago · Magdalena of Saxony (7 March 1507 – 25 January 1534) was Margravine of Brandenburg, its "Electoral Princess", the Electoral equivalent of a crown princess.. She was the daughter of George the Bearded, Duke of Saxony and his wife Barbara.

  4. Maurice, Elector of Saxony - Wikipedia › wiki › Moritz_von_Sachsen

    May 01, 2021 · In a brief ceremony in the field camp after the battle on 4 June 1547 Duke Maurice of Saxony was raised to the dignified position of Elector of Saxony. The official appointment took place later, but at a high price: He had betrayed the Protestant Faith and had brought his father-in-law, Philip of Hesse, into a hopeless situation.

  5. Maria Josepha of Austria - Wikipedia › wiki › Maria_Josepha_of_Austria

    May 08, 2021 · Maria Josepha of Austria (Maria Josepha Benedikta Antonia Theresia Xaveria Philippine, Polish: Maria Józefa; 8 December 1699 – 17 November 1757) was the Queen of Poland by marriage to Augustus III. From 1711 to 1717, she was heir presumptive to the Habsburg Empire. Her sister Maria Amalia became Electress of Bavaria.

  6. Maria of Austria, Holy Roman Empress - Wikipedia › wiki › Marie_d&

    Archduchess Maria of Austria (21 June 1528 – 26 February 1603) was the empress consort and queen consort of Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor, King of Bohemia and Hungary. She served as regent of Spain in the absence of her father Emperor Charles V from 1548 until 1551, and in the absence of her brother Philip II , from 1558 to 1561.

  7. George, Duke of Saxony - Wikipedia › wiki › George_the_Bearded

    George the Bearded, Duke of Saxony (Meissen, 27 August 1471 – Dresden, 17 April 1539), was Duke of Saxony from 1500 to 1539 known for his opposition to the Reformation. While the Ernestine line embraced Lutheranism , the Albertines (headed by George) were reluctant to do so.

  8. Princess Anna Sophie of Denmark - Wikipedia › wiki › en:Anna_Sophie_of_Denmark

    In 1680, Anna Sophie became Electress of Saxony. Her widowed sister Wilhelmina Ernestine, Dowager Electress Palatine , came to live with her in Saxony in 1685. Anna Sophie had her eldest son engaged to her niece, Princess Sophia Hedwig of Denmark against the will of the Saxon court; however, when her son succeeded his father as elector in 1691 ...

  9. Isabella of Austria - Wikipedia › wiki › Isabella_of_Austria

    May 05, 2021 · Isabella of Austria ( 18 July 1501 – 19 January 1526), also known as Elizabeth, was queen of Denmark, Norway and Sweden as the wife of King Christian II. She was the daughter of King Philip I and Queen Joanna of Castile and the sister of Emperor Charles V. She was born at Brussels. She ruled Denmark as regent in 1520.

  10. Philip I, Duke of Pomerania - Wikipedia › wiki › Philip_I,_Duke_of_Pomerania

    May 03, 2021 · On 27 February 1536 Philip married Maria of Saxony, the half-sister of Elector John Frederick I of Saxony. In April 1536 in Frankfurt am Main , he and Barnim then joined the Schmalkaldic League . In 1547, after the Protestants had been defeated in the Schmalkaldic War , Philip feared persecution by the enraged Emperor Charles V .

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