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    Margaret was a member of the ducal House of Burgundy, a branch of the Capetian dynasty. She was the eldest daughter of Robert II, Duke of Burgundy (1248–1306) and Agnes of France (1260–1327), the youngest daughter of Louis IX of France and Margaret of Provence.

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    Mar­garet was a princess of the ducal House of Bur­gundy, a branch of the Capet­ian dy­nasty. She was the el­dest daugh­ter of Robert II, Duke of Bur­gundy (1248–1306) and Agnes of France (1260–1327), the youngest daugh­ter of Louis IX of France and Mar­garet of Provence. In 1305, Mar­garet mar­ried her first cousin once re­moved, Louis I, King of Navarre, who in No­vem­ber 1314 as­cended to the French throne as Louis X of France. They had one daugh­ter, Joan(born 1312, died 1349). Early in 1314, Mar­garet was al­legedly caught in an act of adul­tery in the Tour de Nesle Af­fair. Her sis­ter-in-law Is­abella of France was a wit­ness against her, and Mar­garet was im­pris­oned for the last two years of her life, along with her sis­ter-in-law Blanche of Bur­gundy. Mar­garet was con­fined at Château Gail­lardand after poor treat­ment caught a cold and died.

    Mar­garet's daugh­ter, Joan, later be­came queen reg­nant of Navarre as Joan II(1311–1349). Her pa­ter­nity was under doubt be­cause of her mother's al­leged adul­tery. In 1361, Mar­garet's suc­ces­sion rights be­came im­por­tant in the pre­ma­ture death of Philip I, Duke of Bur­gundy (her grand­nephew), since the clos­est Bur­gun­dian heirs were de­scen­dants of Mar­garet and of her sis­ter, Joan the Lame. Mar­garet's grand­son and heir Charles II of Navarre claimed the duchy on the basis of pri­mo­gen­i­ture, but Joan the Lame's son John II of France on the basis of prox­im­ity, being one gen­er­a­tion closer to the Bur­gun­dian dukes. The case was ruled in favour of John, who be­came Duke of Bur­gundy, later be­stow­ing the Duchy upon his son, Philip the Bold.

    Mar­garet is por­trayed in La Roi en fer and La Reine étranglée, two 1955 nov­els in Mau­rice Druon's Les Rois mau­dits (The Ac­cursed Kings) se­ries of his­tor­i­cal nov­els. She was played by Muriel Baptiste[fr] in the 1972 French minis­eries adap­ta­tion of the se­ries, and by Hélène Fillièresin the 2005 adaptation.

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    Other articles where Margaret of Burgundy is discussed: Louis X: In 1305 Louis married Margaret, daughter of Robert II, duke of Burgundy; in the last months of Philip IV’s reign, she was convicted of adultery and was later strangled in prison (1315). Louis then married (July 1315) Clémence, daughter of Charles I, of Hungary.

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    Margaret of Burgundy, queen of Navarre and France, was married for ten years to Louis X, king of France. She was convicted of adultery, imprisoned, then smothered to death on August 14, 1315. Louis married Clemence of Hungary (1293–1328) that same month.

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    Princess Margaret of Burgundy was the wife of Prince Louis and the future Queen of France. She arrived in Paris upon learning of her husband's return and her mother-in-law, Joan's death. Margaret moved into the Palace and spent time with Isabella, unaware that the French Princess was secretly planning to bring her downfall for a comment she meant to be comforting that Isabella took as ...

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    Genealogy for Margaret of BURGUNDY, Queen of France (1290 - 1315) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surnames

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    Margaret was the daughter of Duke Robert of Burgundy and his wife Agnes, who was the youngest daughter of King Louis IX of France, and thus a French princess. The third of eight children, Margaret's date of birth is unknown but was probably around 1290. In 1305 Margaret was married to Prince Louis, the heir to the French throne.

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    Gilded statue of Margaret of York, supporting Mary of Burgundy, on the façade of the Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges, 1529–1533 By April 1471, Edward was back in England: Margaret followed events carefully, requesting meticulous details of events in England, and was pleased to note the reconciliation between her brothers George and Edward.

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    Feb 24, 2013 · Margaret’s titles after her marriage were: Duchess of Burgundy and of Lotharingia, of Brabant, Limbourg, Luxembourg and Guelders, Countess of Flanders and of Artois, of Burgundy, of Hainault, Holland, Zeeland, Namur and Zutphen, Marchioness of the Holy Roman Empire, Lady of Friesland and of Salins and Malines, etc.

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    Margaret of Burgundy, Queen of France Margaret of Burgundy (French: Marguerite ; 1290 – 30 April 1315) was Queen of France and Navarre as the first wife of Louis X of France (and Louis I of Navarre) .

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