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    Margaret of Hungary (Margit in Hungarian; born 1175, living 1223) was a Byzantine Empress by marriage to Isaac II Angelos and Queen of Thessalonica by marriage to Boniface of Montferrat.

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    Margaret of Hungary (January 27, 1242 – January 18, 1270) was a Dominican nun and the daughter of King Béla IV of Hungary and Maria Laskarina. She was the younger sister of Kinga of Poland (Kunegunda) and Yolanda of Poland and, through her father, the niece of the famed Elizabeth of Hungary.

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    Margaret of Hungary (Margit) (born 1175, living 1223) was a Byzantine Empress by marriage to Isaac II Angelos, Byzantine Emperor, and a Queen consort of Thessalonica by marriage to Boniface of Montferrat.

    • 1175
    • living 1223
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    Margaret was born to Béla IV, king of Hungary, at a moment when the country was threatened by enemies. So the king promised God that if things reversed in his favor he would dedicate his little princess to the religious life. The prayer was answered, and Béla put Margaret in the care of the Dominican Sisters at Veszprém.

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  5. St. Margaret of Hungary (Feast: January 18) | Saints & Heroes ...

    St. Margaret of Hungary (Feast: January 18) Margaret of Hungary was the daughter of King Bela IV, a champion of Christendom, and Maria Laskarina, a pious Byzantine princess. Bella IV being the brother of St. Elizabeth of Hungary, Margaret was the saintly Queen of Hungary’s blood niece.

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    St. Margaret of Hungary Daughterof King Bela IV, she became a Dominican novice at twelve in a royal convent built on an island in the Danube. Although she was a princess among nuns who were of noble descent, she objected to any special treatment and went out of her way to perform the most menial tasks and the most exacting labors on behalf of the squalid poor and most advanced hospital cases.

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    St. Margaret of Hungary Stained glass window from St. Dominic’s Church in Washington, D.C. Photo by Fr. Lawrence Lew, O.P. The following reflection is part of an ongoing series about the life of St. Dominic & the Order of Friars Preachers. St. Margaret was born to Emperor Bela IV and Mary Lascaris in 1242.

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    Jan 18, 2020 · January 18, 2020 St. Margaret of Hungary St. Margaret of Hungary is truly a unique model of virtue for today’s modern young woman. In a prayer “deal” with God, her father, King Bela IV of Hungary, promised her to the religious life at her infancy, in return for an end to the persecution of his country by various enemies.

  9. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Blessed Margaret of Hungary

    Daughter of King Bela I of Hungary and his wife Marie Laskaris, born 1242; died 18 Jan., 1271. According to a vow which her parents made when Hungary was liberated from the Tatars that their next child should be dedicated to religion, Margaret, in 1245 entered the Dominican Convent of Veszprém.

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    Margaret was the eldest daughter of Béla III of Hungary and his first wife Agnes of Antioch. She was a younger sister of Emeric of Hungar y. Her younger siblings were Andrew II of Hungary and Constance of Hungary.