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    Margaret of Joinville (French: Marguerite de Joinville; 1354-1418) was a French noblewoman. From 1365 until her death, she was the ruling Lady of Joinville and Countess of Vaudémont. Family. Her father was Henry, Lord of Joinville. He was Count of Vaudémont as Henry V; he died when she was seven years old. Her mother was Marie of Luxembourg.

    • 1354
    • Henry, Lord of Joinville
    • 1418
    • Marie of Luxembourg
  2. Margaret of Provence - Wikipedia

    The chronicler Jean de Joinville, who was not a priest, reports incidents demonstrating Margaret's bravery after Louis was made prisoner in Egypt: she decisively acted to assure a food supply for the Christians in Damietta, and went so far as to ask the knight who guarded her bedchamber to kill her and her newborn son if the city should fall to ...

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    Margaret Of Provence, eldest daughter of Raymond Berengar IV, count of Provence, whose marriage to King Louis IX of France on May 27, 1234, extended French authority beyond the Rhône. Although Blanche of Castile, Louis IX’s mother, had arranged the marriage, she was jealous of her daughter-in-law,

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    May 08, 2020 · Margaret of Joinville (Q274558) From Wikidata. ... Margaret de Vaudemont. retrieved. 9 October 2017. place of birth. unknown value. 0 references. date of death. 28 ...

  5. Marguerite de Joinville, dame de Joinville (1354 - 1418 ...

    He was the son of Duke John I of Lorraine and younger brother of Charles II. In 1393, Frederick married Margaret the heiress of Vaudemont and Joinville, and became Count of these lands in her right. He founded the House of Vaudemont, a junior branch of the Duchy of Lorraine. His children were: Antoine, who succeeded as Count of Vaudemont,

  6. Chronicles of the Crusades by Jean de Joinville

    Joinville's life of St Louis is a moving tribute to the friendship of these two men. Written to be submitted as evidence for the proposed canonisation of the recently deceased king Joinville writes about their experiences together on crusade.

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  7. In contrast, the chronicler Joinville, who was not a priest, reports incidents demonstrating Margaret's bravery and demonstrate Margaret's good humor. In later years Louis became disturbed with Margaret's ambition. When it came to politics or diplomacy she was indeed ambitious, but somewhat inept.

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    When Jean of Joinville discovered Queen Margaret’s reaction to this news, he was surprised: “Madam Marie de Vertus, a very good and pious lady, came to tell me that the Queen was plunged in grief, and asked me to go to her and comfort her.


    May 07, 2020 · CHRONICLES OF THE CRUSADES JOINVILLE PDF - Two famous, firsthand accounts of the holy war in the Middle Ages translated by Margaret R. B. Shaw Originally composed in Old French, the two chronicles.

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    Family:Henry of Joinville and Mary of Luxembourg (1) Views. ... Anselm de Joinville and Marguerite of Vaudémont . ... Margaret , of Joinville.