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    Otto II, Margrave of Meissen. 3 likes. Otto II, the Rich, a member of the House of Wettin, was Margrave of Meissen from 1156 until his death.

  2. Who married Alexander, Margrave of Meissen? |,-margrave-of-meissen...

    Alexander, Prince of Saxe-Gessaphe (German: Alexander Prinz von Sachsen-Gessaphe Polish: Aleksander książę Sasko-Gessapski; born Alexander de Afif 12 February 1954), is the adopted son and heir of Maria Emanuel, Margrave of Meissen, and a businessman with Lebanese, Mexican and German roots.

  3. MEISSEN. Markgrafschaft. Theodoric I, Margrave of Meissen 'The Oppressed' (Dietrich der Bedrängte), 1197-1221. Meißen or Freiberg

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    Jan 17, 2017 · In 985 the emperor Otto III. bestowed the office of margrave upon Ekkard I., margrave of Merseburg, and the district comprising the marks of Meissen, Merseburg and Zeitz was generally known as the mark of Meissen. In 1002 Ekkard was succeeded by his brother Gunzelin, and then by his sons Hermann I. and Ekkard II.

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    Thietmar, Margrave of Meissen 925 979 Thietmar, Margrave of Meissen in Biographical Summaries of Notable People Thietmar, Margrave of Meissen was born in 925. Thietmar had one son: Gero II Margrave of The Saxon Ostmark .

  6. About: Friedrich Christian, Margrave of Meissen,_Margrave_of_Meissen

    Albert Leopold Friedrich Christian Sylvester Anno Macarius, Prince of Saxony, Duke of Saxony, Margrave of Meissen (31 December 1893 – 9 August 1968) was the second son of King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony, who was the last King of Saxony, before the monarchy was abolished in 1918.

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    Theodoric I, Margrave of Meissen. 3 likes. Theodoric I, called the Oppressed, was the Margrave of Meissen from 1198 until his death. He was the second...

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    Albert II, Margrave of Meissen . Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor . Henry VI, Holy Roman Emperor . House of Hohenstaufen . John of England . Conradin .

  9. Etymologically, the word margrave (Latin: marchio ca. 1551) is the English and French form of the German noble title Markgraf (Mark “march” + Graf "Count"), which also is semantically related to the English title Marcher Lord. As a noun and hereditary title, margrave was common to the languages of Europe, such as Spanish and Polish.

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    When the Wittenberg line became extinct in 1422, the duchy and electorate of Saxony was bestowed on Frederick I the Warlike, margrave of Meissen and a member of the house of Wettin, and the name Saxony was then applied to all the Wettin possessions, including Osterland (the area around Leipzig) and large portions of Lusatia and Thuringia.