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    Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

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    Exotic leading man of American films, famed as much for his completely bald head as for his performances, Yul Brynner masked much of his life in mystery and outright lies designed to tease people he considered gullible. It was not until the publication of the books \\"Yul: The Man Who Would Be King\\" and \\"Empire and Odyssey\\" by his son, Yul \\"Rock\\" Brynner, that many of the details of Brynner's early life became clear.

    Yul sometimes claimed to be a half-Swiss, half-Japanese named Taidje Khan, born on the island of Sakhalin; in reality, he was the son of Marousia Dimitrievna (Blagovidova), the Russian daughter of a doctor, and Boris Yuliyevich Bryner, an engineer and inventor of Swiss-German and Russian descent. He was born in their home town of Vladivostok on 11 July 1920 and named Yuli after his grandfather, Jules Bryner. When Yuli's father abandoned the family, his mother took him and his sister Vera to Harbin, Manchuria, where they attended a YMCA school. In 1934 Yuli's mother took her children to Paris. Her son was sent to the exclusive Lycée Moncelle, but his attendance was spotty. He dropped out and became a musician, playing guitar in the nightclubs among the Russian gypsies who gave him his first real sense of family. He met luminaries such as Jean Cocteau and became an apprentice at the Theatre des Mathurins. He worked as a trapeze artist with the famed Cirque d'Hiver company.

    He traveled to the U.S. in 1941 to study with acting teacher Michael Chekhov and toured the country with Chekhov's theatrical troupe. That same year, he debuted in New York as Fabian in \\"Twelfth Night\\" (billed as Youl Bryner). After working in a very early TV series, Mr. Jones and His Neighbors (1944), he played on Broadway in \\"Lute Song\\" with Mary Martin, winning awards and mild acclaim. He and his wife, actress Virginia Gilmore, starred in the first TV talk show, Mr. and Mrs. (1948). Brynner then joined CBS as a television director. He made his film debut in Port of New York (1949). Two years later Mary Martin recommended him for the part he would forever be known for: the King in Richard Rodgers' and Oscar Hammerstein II's musical \\"The King and I\\". Brynner became an immediate sensation in the role, repeating it for film (The King and I (1956)) and winning the Oscar for Best Actor.

    For the next two decades, he maintained a starring film career despite the exotic nature of his persona, performing in a wide range of roles from Egyptian pharaohs to Western gunfighters, almost all with the same shaved head and indefinable accent. In the 1970s he returned to the role that had made him a star, and spent most of the rest of his life touring the world in \\"The King and I\\". When he developed lung cancer in the mid 1980s, he left a powerful public service announcement denouncing smoking as the cause, for broadcast after his death. The cancer and its complications, after a long illness, ended his life. Brynner was cremated and his ashes buried in a remote part of France, on the grounds of the Abbey of Saint-Michel de Bois Aubry, a short distance outside the village of Luzé. He remains one of the most fascinating, unusual and beloved stars of his time.

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    דמיטרי שמיאקה (ברוסית: Дмитрий Юрьевич Шемяка‏; 1420–1453) היה נסיך מוסקבה בתקופת מאבק בין בני דמיטרי דונסקוי על כס הנסיך.

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    In addition to his work as a director and performer, Brynner was an active photographer and wrote two books. His daughter Victoria put together Yul Brynner: Photographer (ISBN 0-8109-3144-3), a collection of his photographs of family, friends, and fellow actors, as well as those he took while serving as a UN special consultant on refugees.

  6. Yuliy Borisovich Bryner (1920 - 1985) - Genealogy
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    Yul Brynner was born Yuliy Borisovich Bryner in 1920. He exaggerated his background and early life for the press, claiming that he was born Taidje Khan of part-Mongol parentage, on the Russian island of Sakhalin. In reality, he was born at home in a four-storey residence at 15 Aleutskaya Street, Vladivostok, in the Far Eastern Republic (present-day Primorsky Krai, Russia). He also occasionally referred to himself as Julius Briner, Jules Bryner, or Youl Bryner. A biography written by his son,...

    Yul Brynner began acting and modeling in his twenties and early in his career he was photographed nude by George Platt Lynes. After his radio work during World War II Brynner moved into the nascent television industry, directing and acting in live productions in New York. In 1949 Brynner made his film debut in Port of New York, his only film with his natural head of hair.His best-known role remains that of King Mongkut of Siam in the Broadway production of Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical Th...

    In addition to his work as a performer, Brynner was an active photographer and wrote two books. His daughter Victoria put together Yul Brynner: Photographer (ISBN 0-8109-3144-3) a collection of his photographs of family, friends, and fellow actors, as well as those he took while serving as a UN special consultant on refugees. Brynner wrote Bring Forth the Children: A Journey to the Forgotten People of Europe and the Middle East (1960) with photographs by himself and Magnum photographer Inge M...

    Brynner was married four times, the first three ending in divorce. He fathered three children and adopted two. He and his first wife, actress Virginia Gilmore (1944–1960), had one child, Rock Yul Brynner, born on December 23, 1946. His father nicknamed him \\"Rock\\" when he was six in honor of boxer Rocky Graziano. Rock is a historian, novelist, and university history lecturer at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York and Western Connecticut State University in Danbury, Connecticut. In 2006, R...

    Brynner, a Russian-born citizen, renounced his naturalized US citizenship in June 1965 at the US Embassy in Berne, Switzerland for tax reasons. He had lost his tax exemption as an American resident abroad by working too long in the U.S. and would have been bankrupted by his tax and penalty debt.

    Brynner died of lung cancer on October 10, 1985 in New York City, the same day as his Battle of Neretva co-star Orson Welles.Knowing he was dying of cancer, Brynner starred in a run of farewell performances of his most famous role, The King and I, on Broadway from January 7 to June 30, 1985, with Mary Beth Peil as Anna Leonowens. His last performance marked the 4,633rd time he had played the role of the King.Throughout his life Brynner was often seen with a cigarette in his hand. In January 1...

    On September 28th, 2012, an eight-foot-tall statue was inaugurated at Yul Brynner Park, in front of the home where he was born at Aleutskaya St. No. 15 in Vladivostok, Russia. Created by local sculptor Alexei Bokiy, the monument was carved in granite from China. The grounds for the park were donated by the city of Vladivostok, which also paid additional costs. Vladivostok Mayor Igor Pushkariov, U.S. Consul General Sylvia Curran, and Rock Brynner participated in the ceremony, along with hundre...

    In 1952 he received the Tony Award for Best Featured Actor in a Musical for his portrayal of The King in The King and I (musical).He won the 1956 Academy Award for Best Actor for his portrayal of the King of Siam in The King and I and made the \\"Top 10 Stars of the Year\\" list in both 1957 and 1958.In 1985 he received a Special Tony Award honoring his 4,525 performances in The King and I.

    1. ▪ Port of New York (1949) 2. ▪ The King and I (1956) 3. ▪ The Ten Commandments (1956) 4. ▪ Anastasia (1956) 5. ▪ The Brothers Karamazov (1958) 6. ▪ The Buccaneer (1958) 7. ▪ The Journey (1959) 8. ▪ The Sound and the Fury (1959) 9. ▪ Solomon and Sheba (1959) 10. ▪ Once More, with Feeling! (1960) 11. ▪ Testament of Orpheus (1960) 12. ▪ Surprise Package (1960) 13. ▪ The Magnificent Seven (1960) 14. ▪ Goodbye Again (1961) 15. ▪ Escape from Zahrain (1962) 16. ▪ Taras Bulba (1962) 17. ▪ Kings o...

    * ▪ Twelfth Night (December 2–13, 1941) (Broadway) 1. ▪ The Moon Vine (February 11–27, 1943) (Broadway) 2. ▪ Lute Song (February 6 – June 8, 1946) (Broadway) 3. ▪ The King and I (March 29, 1951 – December 17, 1955) (Broadway and national tour) 4. ▪ Home Sweet Homer (January 4, 1976) (Broadway) 5. ▪ The King and I (Revival) (May 2, 1977 – December 30, 1978) (Broadway and national tour) 6. ▪ The King and I (Revival) (January 7 – June 30, 1985) (Broadway)Port of New York 1949 המלך ואני (1956) Th...

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    Sep 22, 2010 · Vera Dimitrievna Nabokova was born in 1864. 2 She was the daughter of Dmitry Nikolaevich Nabokov and Maria Ferdinandovna von Korf. 2 She married Ivan Gregorievith Pykhachyov. 2 She died on 21 March 1939 at Bucharest, Romania G. 2 Her married name became Pykatchev. 2

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    Academy Award-winning, Yul Brynner was a Russian movie and stage actor. He has done a variety of roles in films and theatre in his career. He was not just an actor but also a performer who impressed millions of viewers with his wide range of talent, bustling energy, impeccable looks and charming self. Brynner was married four times, and his first three marriages had ended in divorce. He had four children from his marriages. On 10th October 1985, Brynner died of lung cancer in New York City the same day actor/director Orson Welles passed away.

    Yul Brynner was born as Yuliy Borisovich Briner on 11th July 1992 in Vladivostok, Far Eastern Republic. He belonged to mixed ethnicity; Swiss-German, Russian, and partial Buryat ancestry, and held Russian nationality. Brynner was born to Boris Yuliyevich Briner, a mining engineer, and Marousia Dimitrievna. He had a younger sister, Vera Bryne. Brynner's father had an extramarital affair. His father�s extra-marital relationship led him to be under the care and guidance of his mother who took the children to Harbin, Manchuria. Therein, Brynner attained formal education in a school run by YMCA. Brynner's mother shifted to Paris in 1932 fearing a war between China and Japan. There, he became musically inclined and began playing guitar in Russian nightclubs. Brynner trained himself as a trapeze acrobat and worked in a French circus for three years. His back injury which forced him to leave the job and take up a new career. It was then that he turned to acting. In 1940, along with his moth...

    During World War II, Yul Brynner started working as a French Speaking radio announcer and commentator at the Office of War Information in the U.S., broadcasting propaganda to occupied France. Brynner also trained himself in acting, learning under Russian acting coach, Michael Chekhov.He then toured the country with Chekhov�s theatrical troupe. Brynner made his debut on stage with a small role in the Shakespeare�s Twelfth Night. He then worked in television series, �Mr. Jones and His Neighbour� followed by the 1946 production of Lute Song with Mary Martin. In addition to acting, Brynner also took up various modeling assignments. He turned to direction with the new CBS TV studios, Studio One. He also featured on the first television talk show, �Mr & Mrs.� He made his debut in the big screen with 1949 film noir crime film, �Port of New York.� Having a successful career as a TV director, Brynner resisted acting proposals. But, succumbing to the pressure by Mary Martin, Brynner auditione...

    Yul Brynner had been married four times fathering five children out of which two were adopted. In 1994, he tied the knot with an actress, Virgina Gilmore with whom he shared a son, Rock Yul Brynner (born December 23, 1946). He nicknamed his son Rock when he turned 6 in honor of boxer Rocky Graziano. The couple tried their best to save their relationship but failed at the end and divorced in 1960. Later, Brynner was romantically involved with Frankie Tilden, who was 20 years older than him. He fathered a daughter, Lark Brynner with Tilden. In 1960, Brynner exchanged vows with Doris Kleiner, a Chilean model on the sets of The Magnificent Seven. They separated in 1967. He shared a daughter, Victoria Brynner (born November 1962). Brynner had his third marriage with Jacqueline Thion de la Chaume who is a French socialite, in 1971. He adopted two Vietnamese children: Mia (1974) and Melody (1975) with his then-wife, Jacqueline. The pair couldn't handle their relationship and had divorced i...

    On October 10, 1985, Brynner died of lung cancer in New York City. He was a chain smoker. A few days after his death, anti-cigarette public service announcement was shown on all the major US TV networks and in many other countries.

    Yul Brynner was one of the successful Hollywood actors of his time; he had a net worth of $10 million. His movies earned big at the box office, Port of New York made $1748000, Anastasia made $1082000, and The Journey made $692,000 and among others. Similarly, Brynner had an annual salary of $1,000,000, and daily income was $2960.

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    After an afternoon of easy companionship, Sonya had taken out a journal from a satchel that she had taken with her and smiled, nudging Mary’s shoulder with her own, and the princess shied over towards her more and rested her head in silence on her shoulder as Sonya merrily flipped through the pages. Language: English Words: 843 Chapters: 1/1 ...

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