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  1. Mary of Woodstock - Wikipedia

    Mary of Woodstock (11 March 1278 – before 8 July 1332) was the seventh named daughter of Edward I of England and Eleanor of Castile. She was a nun at Amesbury Priory, but lived very comfortably thanks to a generous allowance from her parents. Despite a papal travel prohibition in 1303, she travelled widely around the country.

  2. Mary of Woodstock - The Princess nun - History of Royal Women

    Jun 09, 2018 · In 1290, Mary spent Easter with the court at Woodstock and with her sisters distributed 106 ells of cloth, 567 ells of thick russet and 80 pairs of shoes to the poor. 20 Mary visited court in 1293 and dined with the King, she also brought with her five other nuns. 21 In 1297 she was at court for five weeks to farewell her younger sister Elizabeth who was about to make her way to Holland with her new husband.

  3. Mary of Woodstock: Life as a Nun Could be Fun – Kyra ...

    Mar 11, 2019 · Known as Mary of Woodstock, this 4th surviving monarchial offspring would be dedicated to God and veiled as a nun while still a child. When Mary was still a tiny tot, her paternal grandmother and the dowager queen, Eleanor of Provence , decided to retire to Amesbury Priory in Wiltshire , and thought it would be swell to have a couple of granddaughters go with her into the convent.

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  4. Mary of Woodstock (Plantagenet), Nun of Amesbury (1278 - 1332 ...

    Jan 22, 2019 · Historical records matching Mary of Woodstock, Nun of Amesbury. ...nor of England Countess of Bar, Elizabeth of Rhuddlan, Margaret of England, Thomas of Brotherton 1st Earl of Norfolk, Alphonso Earl of Ch...

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    Mary of Woodstock. 11 March 1278–July 1332. 1278-1332. 1. Photos. 0. Stories. 1. Sources.

  6. Woodstock St Mary Magdalene — Benefice of Woodstock and Bladon

    Welcome to St Mary Magdalene's We are the Anglican church in Woodstock and are here to serve the whole community. Use this site to explore the activities of our church, to find out more about weddings, baptisms or funerals and to get involved in this thriving Christian family. Our weekly service times are available below.

  7. Mary of Waltham - Wikipedia

    For the daughter of Edward I, see Mary of Woodstock. Mary of Waltham (10 October 1344 – September 1361) Duchess of Brittany, was a daughter of King Edward III of England and Philippa of Hainault and was the wife of John IV, Duke of Brittany, known in England as "John V" and "The Conqueror".

  8. Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Forgotten Woodstock Performance
    • Just Another Festival…
    • They Kept It Rocking Even Longer
    • Why Were They Not on The Film?

    To the band, Woodstock must have seemed like – just another festival, as it did at the time to so many of the artists. In the summer of 1969 CCR had already played the Newport Festival in California, the Denver and the Atlanta festivals, along with the Atlantic City Festival. Given the fact that they were just about the hottest band on the charts every promoter wanted them at the top, or close to the top, of the bill. Unlike so many of the bands at Woodstock CCR went on stage fairly closed to their scheduled midnight slot, although they were supposed to be in a prime Saturday evening slot. According to John Fogerty, ” We were supposed to be in the prime spot for that evening. The Dead went on and pulled their usual shenanigans”. Their hour-long set started at half past midnight on Sunday 17 August and kicked off with the perfect opener, ‘Born On The Bayou’. They followed it with ‘Green River’ and then a cover of Wilson Pickett’s ‘Ninety-Nine And A Half (Won’t Do)’, from their debut...

    They played their current single and their two previous big hits and the other songs in the set, to this point, very much as they were on record. As their set progressed they stretched their songs set into longer, more improvised, rock songs, which was their normal way of playing them.‘I Put A Spell On You’ stretched the 5 minute single to almost twice its length, while ‘Keep On Chooglin’’ ran for close to ten minutes. ‘Suzie Q’, the Dale Hawkins classic had been their first hit and on the album it ran for 8 minutes; for their encore they kept it rocking for even longer. John Fogerty later said, “I could never put my finger on what it was, but we were considered outsiders in our own town.” Maybe they were outsiders in San Francisco but they were at the top of their game when they played Woodstock. John Fogerty’s unique voice and great song writing had come together as a perfect combination just at the right time.

    Why were they not on the film? Most likely their record company at the time was unwilling to co-operate. Did it affect their career? Well it would have done them no harm on the world stage to have had all that additional exposure. Like ‘Green River’, ‘Bad Moon Rising’ and ‘Proud Mary’, both ‘Travellin’ Band’ and ‘Lookin’ out My Back Door’ made No.2 on the Billboard chart. They really were one of the unluckiest bands bands that could never break through to achieve the coveted top spot on the America singles chart, although they did top the charts in Britain with ‘Bad Moon Rising’. Their album, Green River came out a month after Woodstock and it topped the charts for four weeks, as did Cosmo’s Factoryfollowing year – it had a nine-week run at No.1. The fact is CCR were huge…but they might well have been even bigger. 50 years after Creedence Clearwater Revival played Woodstock, their legendary performance is now available on Live At Woodstock that can be bought here.

  9. St. Mary Catholic Church, Woodstock, IL

    St. Mary Catholic Church and School. 312 Lincoln Avenue Woodstock, IL 60098 | (815) 338-3377 | Site by Solutio ...

  10. Benefice of Woodstock and Bladon

    ST MARY MAGDALENE’s, WOODSTOCK - open each day from 9.00am to 6.00pm Services began again in church on Sunday 12th July 2020. For the Woodstock 11am service it will be necessary to book, free of charge, via Eventbrite here or by emailing the Rector or the church office to confirm your place, which will be on a first come first served basis.