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    MAX Comics is an imprint of Marvel Comics specializing in comic book media aimed at adult-only readers. It was launched in 2001 after Marvel broke with the Comics Code Authority and established its own rating system.

  2. May 24, 2022 · 10 Best Marvel MAX Comic Books The Hood. The Hood helped establish the imprint's darker edge by showcasing a violent vigilante dealing with a world... Dead Of Night. The Dead of Night banner explored the graphic horror inherent in characters like Man-Thing and Werewolf... Thor: Vikings. Thor: ...

  3. 7 primary works • 7 total works Reprints the Marvel Comics series published under the MAX Imprint, namely The Punisher MAX and PunisherMAX ongoing series, with all the extra miniseries and one-shots. The Punisher MAX: The Complete Collection, Vol. 1 by Garth Ennis 4.26 · 1,696 Ratings · 165 Reviews · published 2016 · 6 editions

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    PunisherMAX is the second comic book ongoing series published under the MAX imprint of Marvel Comics featuring vigilante and anti-hero the Punisher. [1] [2] [3] The series was written by Jason Aaron and drawn by Steve Dillon .

  5. Supreme Power Vol 1. (2003–2005) Sign in to edit. Publisher: MAX Comics. Type: Limited Series (Team) Genre: Super Hero. Featuring: Squadron Supreme. Status: Finished. Publication Date: October, 2003 — October, 2005.

  6. The R-rated imprint of Marvel Comics, the MAX line was introduced in 2001, and consists primarily of Darker and Edgier takes on various (and predominantly minor) Marvel characters, with a few adaptations of non-comic book properties like Max Payne 3, and the works of Edgar Allan Poe and H. P. Lovecraft.

  7. Punisher Max Special: Little Black Book Vol 1. Punisher Max: Butterfly Vol 1. Punisher Max: Get Castle Vol 1. Punisher Max: Happy Ending Vol 1. Punisher Max: Hot Rods of Death Vol 1. Punisher MAX: Naked Kill Vol 1. Punisher MAX: The Platoon Vol 1. Punisher Max: Tiny Ugly World Vol 1. Punisher MAX: X-Mas Special Vol 1.

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