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  1. Max Steel (2016) - IMDb › title › tt1472584

    Oct 14, 2016 · When teenage Max McGrath discovers his body can generate the universe's most powerful energy, he must bond with the only being able to contain it - a mysterious techno-organic extraterrestrial named Steel. United as the superhero Max Steel, the two friends must combat an alien menace and unlock the secrets of their past.

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    • Stewart Hendler
    • PG-13
    • 3 min
  2. Max Steel - Wikipedia › wiki › Max_Steel

    Max Steel is a line of action figures produced and owned by the toy company Mattel since 1999.

  3. Maxsteel : Max Steel Home › maxsteel › en-us

    Max has the power and only Steel can boost that energy into high gear! Play as Max Steel and his allies to protect the universe from the evil Minions, Ultralinks, Elementors and all who want to destroy it!

  4. Max Steel (TV Series 2013–2015) - IMDb › title › tt2748608

    Mar 25, 2013 · Max's powers are hidden from the public and regulated with the aid of his friend Steel, who is a known as an Ultra-Link (later revealed to be an alien species), to prevent his powers from going critical. During battle, Steel transforms into Max's multiple armors for whatever terrain battle is present.

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    Max Steel (1,290) IMDb 4.6 1 h 31 min 2016 X-Ray PG-13 Unlikely friends Max and a rebellious techno-organic alien named Steel band together to stop sinister forces who want to control Max's powers in this epic superhero adventure.

  6. Max Steel (film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Max_Steel_(film)

    Max Steel is a 2016 British-American superhero film based on the action-figure line of the same name. Directed by Stewart Hendler and written by Christopher Yost, the film stars Ben Winchell, Josh Brener, Ana Villafañe, Andy García, Maria Bello and Billy Slaughter.

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  8. Max Steel (Character) | Max Steel Reboot Wiki | Fandom › wiki › Max_Steel
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    Main article: Maxwell McGrathMain Article: SteelMax Steel consists of two separate individuals and so shares two different personalities.

    During the Makino invasion of Planet Tachyon, an Ultralink warrior named N'Baro Atksteel X377 (Steel) had begun to doubt the ways of his master. He witnessed several Tachyon warriors fight against the invasion and is intrigued by their heroic actions. He witnesses one of the warriors, Ja'em Mk'rah, fend off the attack from a Worm Link using his T.U.R.B.O Energy. Hesitantly, he closes in and prepares to Utralink with the warrior. Before he can do so, Mk'rah prevents him doing so and questions...

    Max wears a full body armor that takes form of close-fitting black-white-blue suit.During the events of Turbo-Charged, Max wears a silver mask with a green V-shaped visor and green details on each side of his face. He wears a black sleeveless suit with a M-shaped logo similar to Steel on his chest and green armored parts on his upper and lower torso. He wears silver gauntlets with green gloves, silver knee pads and silver boots.

    Max Steel uses his powers to generally stop mutants and extraterrestrial threats, or even mundane problems, such as stopping mere thieves or vehicle accidents. 1. Superhuman Strength: Since Max has T.U.R.B.O. Energy, his strength and other attributes are increased considerably, thus making him stronger than an average individual. 2. Superhuman Durability: Max Steel's suit is very resistant and durable, enough to resist against dangerous toxins. In addition, the suit seems to automatically rep...

    Max also has access to a large arsenal of weapons and vehicles, all of them built by N-Tek's genius, Berto. The weapons were previously charged by C.Y.T.R.O.

    1. If Max is separated from Steel, he can get stuck in a specific Turbo Mode, which can be bad depending the occasion. For example, in Turbo Deep Star Sea, Max got stuck in Turbo Scuba Mode, which made it very difficult to defeat Metal Elementor and the other Ultralinks, since the mode doesn't have super-strength or any special attribute other than its underwater capabilities, such as swimming at high speed. 2. if Max is separated from Steel for more than eight hours, Max will overload with...

    1. Max Steel cannot remove his Turbo Base Mode, although that Steel can create suits to Maxwell McGrath blend with humans. 2. Max Steel has a different appearance than the original Max Steel. 3. Max Steel is named Max Steel because Maxwell said Max and Steel said Steel, so then they called him Max Steel. 4. In most of Max Steel's new Turbo Modes, he needs to use a lot of T.U.R.B.O Energy, so that he can use them. 5. In some episodes, it is shown that his suit is damaged and cracking. However...

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