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    Maximian was born around 250 near Sirmium (modern Sremska Mitrovica, Serbia) in the province of Pannonia, into a family of shopkeepers. Beyond that, the ancient sources contain vague allusions to Illyricum as his homeland, to his Pannonian virtues, and to his harsh upbringing along the war-torn Danube frontier.

  2. Maximian, Roman emperor with Diocletian from ad 286 to 305. Born of humble parents, Maximian rose in the army, on the basis of his military skill, to become a trusted officer and friend of the emperor Diocletian, who made him caesar July 21, 285, and augustus April 1, 286. Maximian thus became in

  3. Maximian abdicated with Diocletian in 305, but the death of Constantius in 306 brought confusion to the political scene—there was a struggle for power among Severus (d.307), Galerius, Constantine (Constantine I, son of Constantius), and Maxentius (son of Maximian). Maximian plunged into the conflict, at first to aid his son in Italy; he ...

  4. Maximian was once again successful in several battles and to get Constantius’s son Constantine on his side, had Constantine marry his daughter. In 308 Maximian tried to usurp his own son but was beaten and took refuge with Constantine in Gaul. His death came about when his plot against Constantine was discovered and he was assassinated.

  5. Maximian Was Diocliatans Co Emperer In The West, Despite Being his co emperer, He was, Unlike the Humble, And Effective Dioclitan, A arrogant and Pitiful Man, He was so bad he Broke his oath to Dioclitian Twice. He evently was forced to comit Suicide By Constantine Maximian was Born in 250. he was diocltians drinking budy and diclitan made him co emperer in 285 He is Conserderd by This Wiki as ...

  6. Marcus Aurelius Valerius Maximianus (Maximian) was a Roman Co-Emperor from 289 to 315. Maximian was Caesar (subordinate emperor) from 289 to 308 and Supreme Senator from 308 to 321. 1 Early Life 2 Great Roman Civil War 3 Reign of Messalla with Aelianus 4 Reign as Caesar 5 Reign as Supreme...

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