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  1. merry ( ˈmeri) adjective 1. cheerful; noisily or laughingly lively etc. merry children; a merry party. alegre 2. slightly drunk. He's been getting merry on whisky. alegre, achispado ˈmerrily adverb alegremente ˈmerriness noun alegría, jovialidad ˈmerriment noun fun and laughter. There was a great deal of merriment at the party. alegría, regocijo

  2. merry adjective (HAPPY) old-fashioned happy or showing enjoyment: the merry sound of laughter She's a merry little soul. SMART Vocabulary: related words and phrases Feeling pleasure and happiness (as) pleased as Punch idiom ASMR be dancing in the streets idiom be floating on air idiom be full of the joys of spring idiom cheerily cheery chipper

  3. 1 : very happy and cheerful : feeling or showing joy and happiness Let's eat, drink, and be merry! They sang a merry little song. a merry man merry laughter 2 : causing joy and happiness a very merry occasion go on your merry way 1 or be on your merry way : 2 often disapproving : to continue doing what you have been doing

  4. See definition of merry on adj. very happy; festive synonyms for merry Compare Synonyms amusing cheerful comical enjoyable fun-loving glad hilarious jolly joyful joyous lighthearted lively mad pleasant rollicking sunny winsome blithe blithesome boisterous boon carefree comic convivial entertaining facetious frolicsome funny gay

  5. Dec 29, 2018 · Of persons, "cheerful by disposition or nature; playfully cheerful, enlivened with gladness or good spirits," by mid-14c. Merry-bout "an incident of sexual intercourse" was low slang from 1780. Merry-begot "illegitimate" (adj.), also "bastard" (n.) are in Grose (1785).

  6. merry adj (cheerful) alegre adj mf : feliz adj mf : contento/a adj : Jen is always in a merry mood. Jen siempre está alegre. merry adj: figurative (drunk) alegre adj mf : borracho/a adj : Hanna got a little merry at the bar last night. Hanna se puso un poco alegre anoche en el bar.

  7. merry adjective happy or showing enjoyment Merry noun Originally a nickname for a merry person. Merry noun from the adjective, also a diminutive of Mary and Mercy. Samuel Johnson's Dictionary (0.00 / 0 votes) Rate this definition: MERRY adjective 1. Laughing; loudly cheerful; gay of heart. They drank and were merry with him. Gen. xliii. 34.

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