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    Franz Anton Mesmer (/ ˈ m ɛ z m ər /; German: ; 23 May 1734 – 5 March 1815) was a doctor with an interest in astronomy.He theorised the existence of a natural energy transference occurring between all animated and inanimate objects; this he called "animal magnetism", sometimes later referred to as mesmerism.

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    Mesmer was approached by Mother's Milk at a convention in The Innocents. In exchange for visitation time with his daughter, Cleo, Mesmer agreed to a "reading session" with The Female. After some initial trials with her, Mesmer was able to identify the Female as a forced member of a terrorist organization, The Shining Light Liberation Army.

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    Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. With Donal Donnelly, David Burke, Peter Dvorsky, Alan Rickman. A biography of the eighteenth century Viennese physician, Franz Anton Mesmer, who used unorthodox healing practices based on his theory of "animal magnetism."

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    Franz Anton Mesmer, (born May 23, 1734, Iznang, Swabia [Germany]—died March 5, 1815, Meersburg, Swabia), German physician whose system of therapeutics, known as mesmerism, was the forerunner of the modern practice of hypnotism.. Mesmer’s dissertation at the University of Vienna (M.D., 1766), which borrowed heavily from the work of the British physician Richard Mead, suggested that the ...

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    Mesmer definition, Austrian physician. See more. Cactus aficionados, don't get left in the dust with this quiz on desert plants.

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    The Mesmer is an aggressive life form belonging to the Fauna category. It can be found in deep caves of certain biomes, such as the Kelp Forest and the Bulb Zone.

    The Mesmer is a small, colorful fish with three design patterns; its four large skin panels are bluish-white, and are capable of emitting a green bioluminescent glow at night, with dark violet stripes, and are surrounded by a thin translucent blue film. The patterns on these panels radiate and ripple when the creature is mesmerising its prey.

    The Mesmer is capable of manipulating the player's mind, causing them to hear the PDA telling them to approach the Mesmer. The messages are as follows:

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    • Bulb Zone Caves Lost River
    • Mesmers hatch from these.
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    See list of mesmer skills.


    The mesmer has five core specializations, and two elite specializations:


    See list of mesmer traits.


    The mesmer is a scholar profession and wears light armor.


    See also detailed list of mesmer weapon skills. 1. Two-handed 1.1. Greatsword — Long-ranged weapon with powerful area damage. Its clones and phantasmswill be summoned at target's position to distract the enemies. 1.2. Staff — Long-ranged weapon mainly for defense that randomly grants conditions to foes and boons to allies. Its clones and phantasmswill be summoned at the mesmer's position and attack from range. 1. Main-hand 1.1. Axe — Melee weapon that inflicts various condition damage on your...


    The following crafting disciplinescan create items that are useful to the mesmer: 1. Weaponsmith— Greatswords, axes, shields, spears, swords. 2. Huntsman— Pistols, torches. 3. Artificer— Foci, scepters, staves, tridents. 4. Tailor— Light armor. 5. Jeweler — Jewelry. 6. Chef — Food.

    Mesmer magic draws on chaos energy, and historically, within the now-unfashionable "four schools" model of magic, focused on the school of Denial. Mesmers pride themselves on their ability to inspire, and work hard to engender trust in those who might be suspicious of their illusions. To this end, the mesmer community is highly secretive, and they rarely share knowledge of their more powerful abilities—such as creating illusions in the mind of a single target—with outsiders. The Mesmer Collectiveis an invite-only organization of unknown purpose. Amongst human mesmers, Lyssa is often worshipped as their matron goddess. Notable mesmers 1. Countess Anise 2. Faolain 3. Gwen Thackeray 4. Kasmeer Meade 5. Queen Dahlah 6. Queen Jennah 7. Xera

    The mesmer was previewed under this imageuntil its unveiling on December 14th.
    The mesmer profession was confirmed on the Guild Wars 2 official Facebook fan page as the eighth profession on December 12th, 2011; they announced early on Facebook due to a leak from a video displ...
    On the main Guild Wars 2website, the "minstrel" was displayed as a false profession reveal. Clicking on the minstrel caused the character to shatter, replacing it with an image of the mesmer's reve...
    The class icon for the mesmer resembles a Colombina mask, a popular unisex mask worn during masquerades and the Carnival of Venice.
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    Mesmer is a 1994 Austrian-Canadian-British-German biographical film directed by Roger Spottiswoode from a script by Dennis Potter. It stars Alan Rickman as Franz Anton Mesmer and depicts his radical new ways as a pioneering physician. Plot. In 18th century Vienna, Franz Anton ...


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