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    "Cel Rău" Mihnea was dubbed "Cel Rău" meaning "the Bad" or "the Evil One" by Vlad's enemies, the Craiovești faction of boyars. One of Mihnea's most vocal enemies was a monk named Gavril Protul who was an abbot and chronicler of this time period.

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    Mihnea cel Rău (n. 1462, Țara Românească – d. 12 martie 1510, Sibiu, Țara Românească) a fost un domn al Țării Românești între 1508 și 1509, fiu al lui Vlad Țepeș. S-a aflat în conflict permanent cu boierii și a fost expulzat de pe tron cu ajutorul sultanului. S-a refugiat în Transilvania, unde a fost ucis un an mai târziu ...

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    Mihnea cel Rău. Voivode of Wallachia. Mihnea cel Rău, the son of Vlad III Dracula (Vlad Țepeș), and his first wife, was Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia from 1508 to 1509, having replaced his first cousin Radu cel Mare. During his reign, he ruled alongside his son Mircea III Dracul in the year 1509. After he fled Wallachia in 1510 while being ...

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    After his fa­ther's death, Mi­h­nea am­bi­tiously at­tempted to suc­ceed him. He or­ga­nized sev­eral raids with the aid of bo­yars who sup­ported his fa­ther and were eager to sup­port his son. In 1508, Mi­h­nea fi­nally suc­ceeded in gain­ing the throne, but it would not take long for the tainted ma­jor­ity of no­ble­men to no­tice the fa­mil­iar pat­tern of Ro­man­ian pa­tri­o­tism. Mi­h­nea, like his fa­ther, was an ex­haust­ingly dri­ven cru­sader for Chris­tian­ity. He too wanted an East­ern Eu­rope free of Turk­ish rule and ag­gres­sion. But with cor­rup­tion in high po­si­tions (whether royal or noble), he too would suf­fer the sim­i­lar fate of his fa­ther.

    His­tor­i­cal doc­u­ments re­veal the two women whom Mi­h­nea mar­ried. His first wife, Smaranda, died be­fore 1485. His sec­ond, Voica, was wid­owed by Mi­h­nea's as­sas­si­na­tion. She raised their two sons, Miloș and Mircea II Dracul (who later took the title "Mircea II"), and their daugh­ter Ruxan­dra, and con­tin­ued to re­side in Sibiu, Tran­syl­va­nia. It is known that Mi­h­nea had taken a pref­er­ence to his younger son Mircea II Dracul, whom he named after his great-grand­fa­ther Mircea cel Bătrân. His daugh­ter Ruxan­dra later mar­ried Mol­da­vian Prince Bog­dan III cel Orb. He was ru­mored to have had a sec­ond son, "Mor­sus Atrum", born in 1508, at the be­gin­ning of his fa­ther’s reign.

    Mi­h­nea was dubbed "Cel Rău" mean­ing "the Bad" or "the Evil One" by Vlad's en­e­mies, the Craiovești fac­tion of bo­yars. One of Mi­h­nea's most vocal en­e­mies was a monk named Gavril Pro­tul who was an abbot and chron­i­cler of this time pe­riod. He de­scribed Mi­h­nea's ac­tions as fol­lows: "As soon as Mi­h­nea began to rule he at once aban­doned his sheep's cloth­ing and plugged up his ears like an asp.... He took all the greater bo­yars cap­tive, worked them hard, cru­elly con­fis­cated their prop­erty, and even slept with their wives in their pres­ence. He cut off the noses and lips of some, oth­ers he hanged, and still oth­ers drowned."Mi­h­nea re­tal­i­ated by re­sort­ing to his fa­ther's ter­ror tac­tics, but did not reach pro­por­tions of his fa­ther due to time and op­por­tu­nity.

    After he fled Wal­lachia in 1510 while being pur­sued by the Craiovescu fac­tion, he was fi­nally cor­nered in the Roman Catholic Church of Sibiu where he was at­tend­ing Mass. As he was leav­ing the ser­vice, he was stabbed by Dim­itrije Iakšić, a Ser­bian par­ti­san of the Craiovescu fac­tion, whose daugh­ter Mi­h­nea raped. Mi­h­nea is buried in this church and his tomb can still be vis­ited today.

    In the film Dark Prince: The True Story of Drac­ula, Mi­h­nea is por­trayed by actor Dan Bor­deianu. How­ever, de­spite its nu­mer­ous ac­cu­rate ac­counts and por­tray­als, this film was equally fic­tional in many cer­tain as­pects in­clud­ing Vlad Drac­ula's im­mor­tal pow­ers and in­ac­cu­rate dates. One of these in­ac­cu­rate as­pects was that Mi­h­nea was re­named Vlad in the film. It is doc­u­mented that Vlad had two other chil­dren, one being named Vlad, but in the film, the viewer is only ed­u­cated about the ex­is­tence of one son; the son of Vlad Drac­ula's first wife, which in his­tory is Mi­h­nea.

  5. Apr 05, 2021 · Mihnea cel Rău, meaning “the Bad” or “the Evil One” was the son of Vlad III (more commonly known as Vlad the Impaler), who ruled as the Voivode of Wallachia in present-day Romania. Mihnea was born in either AD 1460 or 1462 and was the eldest of three sons in the House of Drăculești, a family name that derives from “Dracul ...

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    Mihnea is a Romanian-language masculine given name that may refer to: Mihnea cel Rău. Mihnea Turcitul. Mihnea III. Mihnea Chioveanu. Mihnea Motoc. Mihnea-Ion Năstase. Mihnea Popa. Topics referred to by the same term.

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    Mihnea I „cel Rău” (n. februarie 1462 – m. 12 martie 1510, Sibiu), domn al Ţării Româneşti (între 23 aprilie şi 9 mai 1508 – între 12 şi 29 octombrie 1509). ...

    • 12 martie1510, Sibiu
    • Domnitor al Ţării Româneşti, 1508, 1509
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    Jun 30, 2021 · Genealogy for Mihnea I "cel Rău" Dracul (Drăculea), voivode di Valacchia (1462 - 1510) family tree on Geni, with over 225 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surnames

    • 1462
    • Private User
    • March 12, 1510 (47-48)Sibiu, SB, Romania
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    Mihnea cel Rău a fost un domn al Țării Românești între 1508 și 1509, fiu al lui Vlad Țepeș. S-a aflat în conflict permanent cu boierii și a fost expulzat de pe tron cu ajutorul sultanului. S-a refugiat în Transilvania, unde a fost ucis un an mai târziu pe treptele Bisericii Catolice din Sibiu.[2]

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