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  1. Mikhailtver - Russian Rulers History

    Mikhailtver. By Mark Schauss on November 16, 2012 in. Mikhail Yaroslavich before the Mongol khan, by Vasili Vereshchagin. About Mark Schauss ... Mikhail of Tver.

  2. Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin | Soviet statesman | Britannica

    Mikhail Ivanovich Kalinin, (born November 7 [November 19, New Style], 1875, Verkhnyaya Troitsa, Tver province, Russia—died June 3, 1946, Moscow), communist leader and statesman who was the formal head of the Soviet state from 1919 until 1946.

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  4. Mikhail I YAROSLAVICH (Grand Prince) of TVER (& Vladimir) aka Michail III (II) von TWER (TWERSKI); `the Younger'; Saint Born: 1271 Died: 22 Nov 1318 executed by Tatars

  5. Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver - Unionpedia, the concept map

    Mikhail Yaroslavich (Михаил Ярославич) (1271 – 22 November 1318), also known as Michael of Tver, was a Prince of Tver (from 1285) who ruled as Grand Prince of Vladimir from 1304 until 1314 and again from 1315–1318.

  6. Mikhail of Tver.

    Mikhail of Tver. Date of issue: 5th December 2018 Design: S. Ulyanovsky Paper: chalky Printing process: offset Perforation: comb 11 3/4 Size of a stamp: 65 x 32,50 mm. Size of the Miniature Sheet: 154 x 154 mm. Printing run: 18.000 Michel catalogue number: Klb.2634 32 R. multicoloured. Portrait of Mikhail of Tver. PHILATELIC LINKS

  7. Mikhail III of Tver or Michael the Exile (1453–1505) was the last prince of Tver. Some researchers (V. Leibov et al.) Believe that the coin belongs to the Principality of Kashin. See also

  8. History of Tver | Rusmania

    Mikhail's body was only returned to Tver a year later. In 1549 Mikhail was canonised as St Michael (Mikhail) of Tver. Today Mikhail is still cherished as a Russian prince who led Russians against their Mongol overlords rather than collaborating with them as was the policy of the Moscow princes at that time.

  9. The Mongol invasion was the reason Russia formed

    Jun 14, 2020 · The Mongol invasion was the reason Russia formed. History June 14 2020 Georgy Manaev ... Knyaz’ Mikhail of Tver had his heart ripped out in the same capital, the chronicle says. The Russian ...

  10. Mikhail, Đại Công tước xứ Tver – Wikipedia tiếng Việt,_Đại_Công...

    Mikhail Yaroslavich (tiếng Nga: Михаил Ярославич) (1271 - 1318), là công vương thứ hai của xứ Tver (1285 - 1318), đồng thời là Đại công xứ Vladimir trong những năm 1304 - 1314 và 1315–1318. Ông được Giáo hội Chính thống Nga phong thánh sau khi qua đời.