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  1. About Mikhailo Olelkovich: Lithuanian noble (1425 - 1481 ...

    Mikhailo Olelkovich: Lithuanian noble (1425 - 1481), Noble, From: Lithuania | Biography, Facts, Career, Wiki, Life

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    Mikhailo Olelkovich. Mikhailo Aleksandrovich Olelkovich (executed on August 30, 1481 in Vilnius) was a noble from the Olelkovich family of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.He was the brother of Prince Simeon Olelkovich of Kiev and cousin of Grand Prince Ivan III of Moscow.

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    Mikhailo Olelkovich (Q4297190) From Wikidata. Jump to navigation Jump to search. ... Simeon Olelkovich. 1 reference. inferred from. Q4064911. Alexander Olelka. spouse ...

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    public and family life of Simon Olelkovich (1420-1470) and Mikhailo Olelkovich (died in 1481). It illustrates the history of the Duchy of Slutsk under the leadership of Anastasia Slutskaya (died in 1524) and her son Yuri I Olelkovich (1492-1542), relations between Semen

  5. Simeon Olelkovici - Wikipedia

    Simeon Olelkovici (belarusă Сямён Алелькавіч, ucraineană Семен Олелькович, rusă Семён Олелькович, lituaniană Simonas Olelkaitis; 1420–1470) a fost ultimul mare cneaz al Kievului, între 1454-1470 și cneaz al Slutskului ⁠(en) între 1443-1455.

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    Mikhailo Olelkovich (sourozenec) Některá data mohou pocházet z datové položky . Simeon (Šimon) Olelkovič [1] ( bělorusky : Сямён Алелькавіч, ukrajinsky : Семен Олелькович, rusky : Семён Олелькович, litevsky : Simonas Olelkaitis ; 1420, Sluck –1470, Kyjev [2] ) byl posledním kyjevským ...

  7. sect of skhariya the jew : definition of sect of skhariya the ... of skhariya the jew/en-en

    Skariya the Jew is also the name used by Ivan III of Muscovy to refer to Zacharias de Ghisolfi.. The Sect of Skhariya the Jew, much more commonly known as the Heresy of the Judaizers or Zhidovstvuyushchiye, was a sect that appeared in Novgorod the Great and Grand Duchy of Moscow in the second half of the 15th century and marked the beginning of a new era of heresy in Russia.

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    また、en:Mikhailo Olelkovichを市長として招くことも試みた。 しかし、マルファの策動を聞きつけたイヴァン3世はこれを ヤジェルビーツィ条約 の違反であると考え [2] 、ノヴゴロドに軍を差し向け、 1471年 7月14日 シェロン河畔の戦い にてこれを撃破した。

  9. Gediminids: Gediminas, Alexander Jagiellon, Aldona of ...

    Gediminids: Gediminas, Alexander Jagiellon, Aldona of Lithuania, Family of Gediminas, Vytautas, Švitrigaila, Kęstutis, Algirdas, Belsky family [Source Wikipedia] on ...

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    Early life and education. A member of the Jagiellon dynasty, Casimir was born at Wawel, the royal palace in Kraków (in present-day Poland). Casimir was the third child and the second son of the King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania Casimir IV and Queen Elisabeth Habsburg of Hungary.