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  1. Quick Reference. Or Mircea the Great (called Myrxas [Μύρξας] or Miltzes in Byz. sources), prince of Wallachia (from 1386); died 31 Jan. 1418. In Byz. terminology he was referred to as voivod ... From: Mircea the Elder in The Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium ». Subjects: History — Early history (500 CE to 1500)

  2. prince Mircea the Elder of Wallachia (1358 - 1418) - Genealogy Mircea the Elder ‹ Back to of Wallachia surname View Complete Profile view all Immediate Family Rimgaile Anna Elizabeth, princes... wife prince Radu I of Wallachia father Doamna Calinichia mother prince Dan I of Wallachia brother Vasilisa Maria Musat (Cneajna), ... stepdaughter view all

  3. Feb 24, 2023 · byCarolynFeb 24, 2023. Mircea the Elder was one of the most influential rulers in the history of Wallachia during the Middle Ages, controlling the largest area in the country's history. Born around 1355, he inherited the throne from his brother Dan I of Wallachia, and ruled from 1386 until his death in 1418.

  4. The line of the Drăculești began with Vlad II, the Dragon, son of one of the most important rulers of the Basarab dynasty, Mircea the Elder. According to some historians, the name Drăculești is derived from the membership of Vlad II, Dracul (in Old Romanian and related languages, drac meant "dragon") in the Order of the Dragon (founded in ...

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    It may refer to: People Princes of Wallachia Mircea I of Wallachia (1355–1418), also known as Mircea the Elder Mircea II of Wallachia (1428–1447), grandson of Mircea I Mircea III Dracul, Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia in 1510 Mircea the Shepherd (died 1559), son of Radu cel Mare

  6. The article is a research, on some events from the time of Mircea's reign, between 1389-1394, without claiming of trying to clarify details which are not yet known, even if the research will not be in agreement with some of the historical researchers. ottoman campaigns. wallachia. akinci. robbery raids.

  7. Mircea the Elder (Romanian: Mircea cel Bătrân, pronounced [ˈmirtʃe̯a tʃel bəˈtrɨn]; c. 1355 – 31 January 1418) was the Voivode of Wallachia from 1386 until his death in 1418. He was the son of Radu I of Wallachia and brother of Dan I of Wallachia, after whose death he inherited the throne.

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