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    montreal .ca. Montreal ( / ˌmʌntriˈɔːl / ( listen) MUN-tree-AWL; officially Montréal, French: [mɔ̃ʁeal] ( listen)) is the second-most populous city in Canada and most populous city in the Canadian province of Quebec. Founded in 1642 as Ville-Marie, or "City of Mary", it is named after Mount Royal, the triple-peaked hill in the heart of ...

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    The name 'Montréal' comes from Mont Royal, which means 'Royal Mountain' in French. It was originally called Ville-Marie, or City of Mary. Montreal has always played a very important part in the history and development of Canada. It continues to be a large Canadian industrial and commercial centre, as well as a major seaport (via the Saint Lawrence River). It once was the largest city in Canada, before Torontogrew to be larger. Tourists visit Montreal for its historical and cultural interest. One can visit the Old City in horse-drawn carriages, where many buildings from the earliest years stand and remind of the way of life that started in the New World, when Montreal was just a fur trading outpost belonging to Franceover 350 years ago.

    Montreal is in the southwest of Quebec, 530 kilometres north of New York City. The city itself is located on an island, the Island of Montreal. Near the downtown area, there is a hill called Mount Royal (Mont Royalin French).

    Montreal's economy is the second largest in Canada. The city's port is the biggest inland port (a port that is not on the sea) in the world. Many large corporations have their main offices in Montreal. It also hosts many international organizations like ICAO, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and IATA. The city is home to four major Universities, welcoming students from all parts of Canada and from all over the world. Montreal is also known for its cultural production sector. Because the city has many different buildings, movies are easy to film there. The circus troupe (group) Cirque du Soleil is from Montreal. The city is also known for its festivals, like the Montreal Jazz Festival and Just For Laughs. Some video gamecompanies also have studios in Montreal.

    Montreal has many beautiful churches (Montreal is referred to locally as 'the city of a hundred churches'), including the largest church in Canada, and also many important art, history, and science museums. You can also visit the location of the 1967 World's Fair, where today, as well as many other attractions, one will find the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Formula One automobile race course. Also of interest is the site where the 1976 Summer Olympic Gameswere held, and the modern architecture of the Olympic stadium (the 'Big O') and its tall inclined observation tower (the highest inclined tower in the world); now a landmark of Montreal. A lot of Montrealers are interested in hockey, and Montreal is home to its own ice hockey team called the Montreal Canadiens who play in the National Hockey League(NHL).

  2. Montréal (region), an administrative region and statistical area in the province of Quebec. Montreal Metropolitan Community, a supra-municipal level of government. Montreal Agglomeration Council, a supra-municipal level of government. Montreal Urban Community, a former supra-municipal level of government. Montreal River, Ontario, a municipality.

  3. Raoul Blanchard , géographe , à propos de Montréal. La banlieue de Montréal est composée de 82 municipalités locales regroupées au sein de la Communauté métropolitaine de Montréal . Ensemble, en incluant Montréal, ces municipalités couvrent une superficie de 4 360 km 2 et réunissent 4,1 millions d'habitants soit près de la moitié de la population du Québec . Ils forment la 15 e ...

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    Montreal (French: Montréal; pronoonced [mɔ̃ʁeˈal] in French, / [unsupported input] ˌ m ʌ n t r i ˈ ɔː l / in Inglis) is the seicont-lairgest ceety in Canadae an the lairgest ceety in the province o Quebec.

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  6. Montreal Canadiens games are broadcast locally in both the French and English languages. CHMP 98.5 is the Canadiens' French-language radio flagship. [62] As of the 2017–18 season, the team's regional television in both languages, and its English-language radio rights, are held by Bell Media . [63]

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