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    Ri·chler, Mordecai
    • 1. (1931–2001), Canadian writer. One of his best-known novels is The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz (1959). Other notable works: The Incomparable Atuk (1963), St. Urbain's Horseman (1971), and Simon Gursky Was Here (1989).
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    Mordecai ( / ˈmɔːrdɪkaɪ, mɔːrdɪˈkeɪaɪ /; also Mordechai; Hebrew: מָרְדֳּכַי‎, Modern: Mardoḵay, Tiberian: Mārdoḵay, IPA: [moʁdeˈχaj]) is one of the main personalities in the Book of Esther in the Hebrew Bible. He is described as being the son of Jair, of the tribe of Benjamin. He was promoted to Vizier after Haman ...

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    MORDECAI. mor'-de-ki, mor-de-ka'-i (mordekhay; Mardochaios): An Israelite of the tribe of Benjamin, whose fate it has been to occupy a distinguished place in the annals of his people. His great-grandfather, Kish, had been carried to Babylon along with Jeconiah, king of Judah ( Esther 2:5-6 ). For nearly 60 years before the scenes narrated in ...

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    Mordecai definition is - a relative of Esther who gave advice on saving the Jews from the destruction planned by Haman.

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    • Blair Parke
    • Mordecai was compassionate to the needs of others. It is evident from the start of the book of Esther that Mordecai’s heart always beat for the needs of others, beginning most of all when he took in his orphaned niece Hadassah (later named Esther) after her parents’ deaths.
    • Mordecai had the wisdom to use his brain. Mordecai’s intelligence may not have been recognized immediately in the first chapters of Esther, but he knew what to do when handling situations involving the king.
    • Mordecai had the courage to stand up for his beliefs. One attribute that is undeniable with Mordecai is he never was one to buckle under peer pressure.
    • Mordecai had hope in God’s callings and provisions. One of the most celebrated verses in the Bible comes from the lips of Mordecai, when he was speaking to Esther about why she must be the one to tell King Ahasuerus of Haman’s plot.
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    Mordecai is one of the protagonists of Regular Show. He made his debut in the non-canon short \\"2 in the AM PM\\" as a human cashier, who then morphs into a prototype Mordecai-like character with a fanny pack. He later makes his first official appearance in the Pilot episode.

    The upper portion of his head, wings, tail feathers and back are mostly blue, while the lower portion of his head and chest are white (and a few times pale-blue) with a faint, blue line down the length of his chest. A thick, curved black marking is on each side of his head, around where his ears would be. His dark gray nose is found on his grey beak between his two eyes. Two white lines are found on both of his wings with two thinner, black lines on each of his fingers and one stripe of each of his thumbs, and three tail feathers, each with two black stripes. Mordecai's legs are grey with black stripes across the width and two toes. Like most blue jays, he has curved, crested blue feathers, or \\"hair\\", on his head.

    Mordecai almost never wears clothes, except on special occasions, and he wouldn't wear them for an entire episode, or he'll only wear a shirt and no pants, similar to Rigby. For a list of the outfits and appearances Mordecai has had throughout the series, see Mordecai's Alternate Outfits When he was five or six years old, he had buck teeth, and didn't have the black stripes on his tail feathers or fingers. As a baby, he still did not have the stripes on his tail feathers or fingers, and he only had one white stripe on each of his arms, as seen in \\"Terror Tales of the Park II\\", although his baby self was seen with stripes on his fingers in \\"Maxin' and Relaxin\\". When he was in his pre-teen and teenage years, he had brown hair and braces. In \\"A Skips in Time\\", \\"Rigby in the Sky With Burrito\\", and \\"Regular Show: The Movie\\", high school Mordecai was seen wearing a white t-shirt with a red collar and sleeve cuffs with the words \\"Brain Explosion\\", the name of his favorite band, written on the front, with grey jeans and red sneakers. In his possible late teens, Mordecai's brown hair was long and at one point covered his eyes. During the time montage in the finale, Mordecai, now a few years older, is first seen with a bit of stubble on his chin, and wearing t-shirts, first a white t-shirt, and then a green t-shirt. Later in the montage, an older Mordecai is shown to be somewhat a little heavier, with hair on his chest and more stubble on his face, and he is wearing thick light green glasses and a light green collared shirt. 25 years in the future, at the 25 year park reunion, Mordecai (now 48-54) is shown with a brown beard and thick black glasses, and he is wearing a red hoodie over a light grey shirt and a purple beanie. He also has a gold wedding ring.

    Mordecai is mild-mannered, laid back, and big-hearted. Like Rigby, he lacks clothing, plays video games, sings karaoke, and drinks copious amounts of coffee and soda. Of the duo of two main characters, Mordecai displays far more patience, responsibility, and intelligence than Rigby does. Although almost every problem caused by the duo is Rigby's fault, Mordecai does cause problems at times, though they are unrelated to work. An example is in \\"The Unicorns Have Got to Go\\" when Mordecai tries to attract Margaret with DudeTime but ends up attracting a group of ill-mannered, lazy, and irresponsible unicorns that wreak havoc. Mordecai puts up with Rigby's laziness and immaturity, once even filling out a job application for Rigby because he claimed it was \\"boring.\\" Mordecai tends to be more sociable, friendly and serious than Rigby and has much more manageable relationships with others. Although Mordecai naturally despises work, he strives to keep a good reputation, once almost losing his life to avoid being labeled as a slacker, and vouching for extra work to pay for concert tickets. Unlike Rigby, Mordecai doesn't talk about or openly express himself or his feelings. Therefore, Mordecai's most obvious shortcoming is his inability to engage his love interests by speaking his heart. Whenever he was around his crush, Margaret, he would often stutter or lose focus. In spite of this, he often made up excuses to go to The Coffee Shop just to see her. He is a serious person and wants people to do the right thing. It is also proven that he is fond of the word \\"dude\\" and the saying \\"OOOOOOOH!,\\" as he and Rigby often exclaim, although they do stop saying this when they get older as seen in the finale.

    Rigby has been Mordecai's best friend since they were toddlers. The two are virtually inseparable, always finding ways to forgive any breaks in their friendship. Mordecai is the tall, responsible, mannered one, while Rigby is the short, immature, energetic one in the duo. They both work at the park together with Benson as their boss. Every episode that has ever aired has always shown the two as a duo. Mordecai usually punches Rigby and says \\"Shut up, dude!\\" when he gets mad at him. Rigby also usually causes the problems In \\"Don\\", Mordecai told Rigby that he thinks of him as his brother, because he embarrasses him and he thinks he's awkward to look at, and he sometimes wants to trade him in for someone else, but he doesn't because brothers always have to make do with each other. Benson is Mordecai's boss at the Park. Even though he yells at Mordecai and Rigby a lot, it seems that Benson never gets angry at Mordecai on his own. Benson recognizes Mordecai's greater sense of responsibility and self-control, something that Rigby doesn't have.

    Mordecai respects Skips due to Skips's ability to fix any problem Mordecai and Rigby cause. They seem to be great friends. In \\"Skips vs. Technology,\\" Mordecai and Rigby print him a note that shows him how much they care about him and what he does for the park. More often than not, Mordecai relies on Skips to fix everything. Mordecai and Skips once played video games together in \\"Video Game Wizards,\\" leaving Rigby out. Mordecai is really good friends with Pops. Whenever they are seen together, they tend to get along and have no problems. Along with Rigby, they always seem to want to help Pops. For example, in \\"Dizzy,\\" they try to help him with his stage fright, and in \\"Rap It Up,\\" they join him in his battle against CrewCrew to prove that he is not a loser. Mordecai likes Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost at times, but he doesn't approve of their personality, especially Muscle Man's \\"my mom\\" jokes. He once even corrected Muscle Man about it, though he had to face Muscle Man's brother John Sorrenstein as a result of his confrontation. In Season 3, they become nicer and friendlier to each other and help each other with their problems. In the episode \\"Guy's Night\\", Mordecai, Rigby, Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost are hanging out with each other like typical guys, ordering pizza, soda, etc. Also Mordecai and the other park employees (except Benson) help Muscle Man in Longest Weekend when they keep an eye on him to keep him from seeing Starla, so she will not break up with him to test their love after seeing a movie called \\"The Longest Weekend \\". By Season 5, Mordecai and Rigby seem to be very good friends with Muscle Man and Hi Five Ghost, and they regularly help each other with their problems. Mordecai seems to get along well with Thomas, especially in \\"Starter Pack\\". He and Rigby greet him in a friendly manner and show concern for him when Muscle Man continuously pranks him, causing them both to go to Skips and Benson about it. He and Rigby both show sadness for Thomas when Muscle Man seemingly kills him by throwing a shed at his car, but it later turns to annoyance when Muscle Man reveals it was all a prank initiated by him and Thomas. Luckily, though, it didn't last long. In \\"The Longest Weekend\\", he asks Thomas to help watch Muscle Man when he was going crazy for Starla.

    Margaret Smith is Mordecai's fifth-known love interest. She a 22-year-old red-breasted female robin[1] who formerly worked as a waitress at the Coffee Shop across the street from The Park, and he would often make excuses to see her while she was at work. Margaret and Mordecai were good friends at the time and, although Mordecai had developed clear romantic feelings for her, Margaret's feelings were only hinted at in the early seasons.

    In \\"Meteor Moves,\\" Mordecai gets sent to the \\"friend zone\\" after failing to kiss Margaret several times because he is afraid it will screw the friendship up. The lack of action from Mordecai's side leaves Margaret to believe that he is not too interested in her. After being pressured by many people, Mordecai manages to kiss Margaret during the meteor shower. The two hold hands as they return to Margaret's car. It's eventually revealed that Margaret has romantic feelings for Mordecai as well. At the end of \\"Steak Me Amadeus,\\" Mordecai asks Margaret to be his girlfriend, and she says she feels like they could be in a relationship that could actually go somewhere. However, she holds up an acceptance letter to her dream college, Milton University. She then reluctantly declines his offer, and runs out the restaurant crying, leaving Mordecai heartbroken. After these events, Mordecai informs Rigby that he drove her to the airport, ending the episode. At the beginning of \\"Laundry Woes,\\" Mordecai is deeply depressed (similar depression in \\"Yes Dude Yes\\") and the guys do everything they can to cheer him up. After a few days of his favorite activities, Mordecai is back to his old self. However, as soon as he discovers a sweater that Margaret left behind, he becomes fixated on returning it to her, despite Rigby's continuous advice to get over Margaret leaving town.

    When he finally arrives to Milton University, he sees Margaret with her friends, and he suddenly realizes that she's moved on, and is happier in her dream school. He then throws the sweater in the garbage, (almost) moving on as well. With Margaret gone, Mordecai becomes closer to another girl named CJ, whom he had previously met on a blind date, but things had gone south after Mordecai accidentally invited both CJ and Margaret to see the same movie (he was also not ready for a romantic relationship). After Mordecai and CJ patch things up with Margaret gone, they eventually start dating.

    CJ is Mordecai's seventh-known love interest. After an initial situation where Mordecai was not ready to date her, they eventually became good friends and started officially dating. She became a regular part of his misadventures, and is accepted strange situations they often found themselves in. She is also very protective of Mordeca, and has become extremely angry and stormy when he is endangered. He first interacted with CJ in \\"Yes Dude Yes,\\" when Rigby signed Mordecai up for Couple Corral after thinking that Margaret was engaged. They instantly became great friends, with CJ developing a crush on him. After a long day, Mordecai asks CJ if she would like to go to the movies, with her cutting him off in agreement. A day later, she sees Mordecai entering the Coffee Shop, and decides to visit him to say hello. After Mordecai asks Margaret if she would like to go to the movies with him (forgetting that he asked CJ to the same movie), CJ becomes heartbroken. Upset by his actions (saying that they are typical), she turned into a massive array of storm-clouds and began to destroy The Coffee Shop. After Mordecai apologized to her and managed to calm her down, he asked her if they could still be friends. Still troubled by what he did, she declines saying \\"No, I just don't think I can be your friend right now. Goodbye Mordecai\\", leaving the Coffee Shop.

    In \\"New Year's Kiss,\\" Mordecai bumps into her at a masquerade party, unaware who she is because of the mask she's wearing. After having a brief conversation, they kiss each other, with CJ being completely unaware of who she's kissing as well. When the DJ tells everybody to take off their masks, they're shocked to see each other, and CJ instantly runs off, leaving Mordecai to look on in complete surprise.

    In \\"Portable Toilet,\\" CJ causes Mordecai and Rigby to get locked in a portable toilet. Rigby, angered by what has happened, says: \\"Whatever! At least I don't try to flirt by taking toilet dares!\\", meaning it could be possible that Mordecai thinks about CJ the way he thought about Margaret. At the end of the episode, Mordecai admits that she's pretty cool. In \\"I Like You...Hi\\", Mordecai accidentally texts CJ \\"I like you Hi\\" instead of \\"I like Yuji\\" and tries to fix it, throughout the episode. During the episode, it was revealed that he really does like CJ, but he was afraid of what would happen if Margaret came back. At the end of the episode, Mordecai texts her asking if she wants to go on a date with him, to which she replies with a wink and a confirmation, leaving Mordecai relieved and eager with anticipation.

    In \\"Skips in the Saddle\\", it is revealed that he and CJ are going to a Laser Show, hinting that their relationship is growing.

    In \\"Real Date\\", Mordecai and CJ go on their first real date together. Although the date was partially ruined by the fact that they wanted to give each other gifts in the most perfect way possible, they still managed to have a good time. When Matchmaker McIntyre tried to break them up by shooting a bazooka missile at CJ, Mordecai pushed her out of the way and got hit instead which knocked him unconscious. CJ turned into a storm cloud in order to save her and Mordecai's date, and started crying when she thought he was dead, showing how much she cares about him. By the end of the episode, they ended up kissing as the sun began to rise and officially become a couple.

    In \\"Not Great Double Date\\", he and CJ have recovered from the crashed party, but he was still reluctant to have a double date with Margaret and Del Hanlon because of tension. After the date, CJ leaves angrily after finding out that Margaret was lying about Del being her boyfriend and Mordecai runs after her.

    • Groundskeeper (formerly), Abstract Artist
    • Blue Jay
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    Apr 26, 2021 · Mordecai is first introduced in Esther 2:5–7: “Now there was in the citadel of Susa a Jew of the tribe of Benjamin, named Mordecai son of Jair, the son of Shimei, the son of Kish, who had been carried into exile from Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon, among those taken captive with Jehoiachin king of Judah.

  8. Mordecai - Lockyer's All the Men of the Bible - Bible Gateway › all-men-bible › Mordecai

    Mordecai sat in the king’s gate, and was aware of the plot on the king’s life by two chamberlains. Mordecai reported the plot to the king, thus saving his life. According to Persian customs, a record of this act was carefully preserved in the royal archives ( Esther 2:21-23 ; 6:1-3 ), and during a sleepless night of the king, was read.

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    Mordecai, now wearing the royal robes of blue and white, led the Jews in celebration of this great deliverance. The Feast of Purim was established on this day. The name Purim came from the term Pur, which means “a lot.”

  10. Mordecai Historic Park | › places › mordecai-historic-park

    Mar 30, 2021 · The permanent exhibit, "The Mordecai Story: Faith, Family, and Community in Raleigh" will be installed in June 2016. Please Note: Public tours are not offered when field trip groups are on-site in the morning. Please call 919-996-4364 to check on tour availability. The Visitor Center is a short walk from the parking area which lines Mimosa ...

  11. Mordecai | The amazing name Mordecai: meaning and etymology › Meaning › Mordecai

    Aug 12, 2014 · The name Mordecai could be regarded as an adjective based on the name Marduk, who was the principle deity of Babylon.Following that assumption would render Mordecai the meaning of Mardukish, or Pertaining To Marduk, or Belonging To Marduk.

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