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  1. Mosquito bites - Symptoms and causes - Mayo Clinic

    Mosquitoes select their victims by evaluating scent, exhaled carbon dioxide and the chemicals in a person's sweat. Complications. Scratching bites can lead to infection. Mosquitoes can carry certain diseases, such as West Nile virus, malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. The mosquito obtains a virus or parasite by biting an infected person or ...

  2. Toxorhynchites - Wikipedia

    Toxorhynchites, also called elephant mosquito or mosquito eater, is a genus of diurnal and often relatively colorful mosquitoes, found worldwide between about 35° north and 35° south. It includes the largest known species of mosquito, at up to 18 mm (0.71 in) in length and 24 mm (0.94 in) in wingspan.

  3. Mosquitoes will bite through thin cloth. So repellent should be used on skin and clothes. Pesticides can be used in rooms to kill mosquitoes. When sleeping outside, people use a mosquito net. This is made from cloth that air can go through but keeps mosquitoes out. It is put over a bed where people sleep to keep mosquitoes out.

  4. Unlike mosquitoes, crane flies can not fly well. They will sometimes "wobble" when flying. Crane flies that live in temperate places, such as Tipula species, may grow as big as 60 mm in size.

  5. The Mosquitoes | Gilligan's Island Wiki | Fandom

    The Mosquitoes. Bio Edit. The Mosquitoes are a long-haired Sixties-era pop group, comprised of members Bingo, Bango, Bongo and Irving.They were probably inspired by groups such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Byrds, taking ingredients from each group to establish their music identity, even down to their insect-inspired name and long hair and sound that reflected the music of garage ...

  6. Why Do Some People Always Get Bitten by Mosquitoes, While ...

    Jun 22, 2019 · Using carbon dioxide, mosquitoes can lock onto targets from up to 164 feet (50 meters) away. Things start getting personal when mosquitoes get about 3 feet (1 m) away from a group of potential ...

  7. Culex - Wikipedia

    Culex is a genus of mosquitoes, several species of which serve as vectors of one or more important diseases of birds, humans, and other animals. The diseases they vector include arbovirus infections such as West Nile virus, Japanese encephalitis, or St. Louis encephalitis, but also filariasis and avian malaria.

  8. Why do mosquito bites itch? Causes and treatment

    Mosquito bites can become infected, which may mean they take longer to heal. It is a good idea for a person to speak to a doctor about any suspected infections. Some people are very allergic to ...

  9. List of pest-repelling plants - Wikipedia

    repels flies, including mosquitoes the carrot fly, asparagus beetles and whiteflies: borage: repels tomato hornworm and cabbage worms: castor bean: repels moles: catnip: repels ants, flea beetles, aphids, the Japanese beetle, squash bugs, weevils, the Colorado potato beetle, the cabbage looper, and cockroaches. May attract cats. chamomile

  10. Culicidae – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    Culicidae é uma família de insetos habitualmente chamados de muriçoca, mosquitos ou pernilongos.As fêmeas em muitas regiões são designadas vulgarmente como melgas.Como os outros membros da ordem Diptera, os mosquitos têm um par de asas e um par de halteres.