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  1. Learn how to mute or unmute a story on Facebook.

  2. If you want to clean up your inbox without deleting your emails, you can archive or mute them. Your emails are moved to a label called "All Mail." When you archive a message: The message will come back to your inbox when someone replies to it. When you mute a message: Any replies stay out of your inbox. You can search for the conversation if ...

  3. To mute or unmute yourself, click Mute . Mute all participants. Important: Host Management must be turned on to Mute all participants. Meeting creators and calendar event owners can mute all participants at the same time. Participants can unmute themselves after they’ve been muted. At the bottom right, click People Mute all .

  4. The exotic Mute Swan is the elegant bird of Russian ballets and European fairy tales. This swan swims with its long neck curved into an S and often holds its wings raised slightly above its back. Although they’re numerous and familiar in city parks and in bays and lakes in the Pacific Northwest, Great Lakes, Northeast, and Midatlantic, Mute Swans are not native to North America. Their ...

  5. Sep 07, 2021 · During an active meeting, go to Participants, tap Mute control at the bottom of your window, and then tap Mute All. 2: For a standard Webex meeting or Personal Room meeting, choose whether to allow attendees to unmute themselves: Tap Allow and Mute All to allow attendees to unmute themselves.

  6. Mute students in settings. Select More options on your team's tile.. Select Manage team.. Select the Members tab. You’ll see your students listed. Select the checkmark box under Mute students to prevent students from commenting or select the top checkbox to mute all students at once.

  7. Oct 22, 2020 · Use the ring/silent switch to mute sounds and alerts. If the switch shows orange, it means your iPhone is in silent mode and will vibrate for incoming calls or alerts. When in silent mode, the alarms you set in the Clock app will still sound, and calls from Favorite contacts will still ring.

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