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    Nabopolassar (Babylonian cuneiform: Nabû-apla-uṣur, meaning " Nabu, protect the son") was the founder and first king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, ruling from his coronation as king of Babylon in 626 BC to his death in 605 BC.

    • 22/23 November 626 BC – July 605 BC
    • Kudurru (?)
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    Nabopolassar, king of Babylon (626-605 b.c.), was the first king of the Chaldean Dynasty, and the father of Nebuchadnezzar II.

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    Nabopolassar, king of Babylon (626-605 b.c.), was the first king of the Chaldean Dynasty, and the father of Nebuchadnezzar II.

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    Nabopolassar (658-605 BC) was a Chaldean that was able to take control over the civilization of Babylonia and eventually defeat the Assyrian Empirewith a combined military alliance of people from throughout the region. Nabopolassar was the father to Nebuchadnezzar II who oversaw the brief golden age of Neo-Babylonia. It was under the brief Chaldean dynasty that Babylonia saw a resurrection in culture and prestige that would last even through the time of Alexander the Great.

    Nabopolassar was instrumental in creating the military alliance that led to the final defeat of the Assyrian Empire. The death of King Ashurbanipal around 627 BCE created massive internal chaos and instability within Assyria. Conquering the city of Babylonfirst in 626 BCE he declared himself King of Babylonia. He made Babylon his new capital city and by 616 BCE he had united all of the territory of Babylonia back together and was able to launch an assault on the Assyrian capital cities. Nabopolassar joined forces with the Median King Cyaxares and battled with Ashurbanipal's son Ashur-etil-ilani for control over Assyria. By 615 BCE the Babylonians and Medias had won a decisive victory and conquered Nippur. While Nabopolassar was moving his forces to siege the capital city of Ashur the Medians were able to conquer it first. This only left the capital city of Ninevehas the major sphere of influence of Assyrian power.

    Nabopolassar was very ill at the time and abdicated the throne soon before his death. Just after winning the fight in the Battle of Carchemish, Nebuchadnezzar was forced to rush back to Babylon to secure the throne. Thus when Nabopolassar died in 605 BCE the leadership of the new Chaldean Babylonia passed successfully and Nebuchadnezzar was able to rule over one of the greatest golden ages in the history of Babylon.

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    Nabopolassar Excerpt from the Lexham Bible Dictionary, the most advanced Bible dictionary. Founder of the Neo-Babylonian dynasty (ruled 626–605 bc). He rebelled against Assyria ca. 626 bc and became the king of Babylon.

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    Aug 22, 2018 · Nabopolassar was the founder of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, which existed between the 7th and 6th centuries BC. But the Neo-Assyrians that were losing power at the time didn’t make his rise easy. If the rebel ruler wanted to gain control he’d have to fight for it. Thankfully for him, the gods were apparently on his side.

    • Dhwty
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    During the reigns of Nabopolassar (625–605 bce) and his son Nebuchadrezzar II (604–562 bce), there was widespread building activity. Temples and ziggurats were repaired or rebuilt in almost all the old dynastic cities, while Babylon itself was enormously enlarged and surrounded by a double enceinte, or line of fortification,…

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    Feb 01, 2017 · In 616 BCE, Nabopolassar marched his forces out of Babylonia and into Assyria. Once in Assyria, Nabopolassar followed the Euphrates River, where he encountered the Suhi and Hindanu tribes who paid tribute to him. Three months later the Assyrians prepared for battle in the city of Qablinu.

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    Jan 11, 2019 · Nabopolassar Founded The Neo-Babylonian Empire You could say that Nabopolassar was in the right place at the right time. He was a leading general in the Babylonian army when the last Assyrian ruler, Ashurbanipal (Aššurbanipal), died.

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    De origem obscura, Nabopolassar foi um líder caldeu que se ergueu contra o despótico domínio da Assíria, aproveitando-se da morte de Assurbanípal, em 627 a.C. e de Candalanu, o rei-títere que governava Babilônia.

    • 626 – 605 a.C.
    • Suadanca
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