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  1. Nebuchadnezzar II ( Babylonian cuneiform: Nabû-kudurri-uṣur, meaning " Nabu, watch over my heir"), also spelled Nebuchadrezzar II, was the second king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire, ruling from the death of his father Nabopolassar in 605 BC to his own death in 562 BC. Historically known as Nebuchadnezzar the Great, he is typically regarded as ...

    • August 605 BC – 7 October 562 BC
    • Nabopolassar
  2. Nov 07, 2018 · Nebuchadnezzar II (r. 605/604-562 BCE) was the greatest King of ancient Babylon during the period of the Neo-Babylonian Empire (626-539 BCE), succeeding its founder, his father, Nabopolassar (r. 626-605...

    • Joshua J. Mark
  3. Apr 02, 2014 · Nebuchadnezzar II was the ruler of Babylonia c. 605–561 BC. He expanded his empire while building the city of Babylon into a wonder of the ancient world.

  4. Nov 26, 2005 · Nebuchadnezzar II (c 634 – 562 BC) was a ruler of Babylon in the Chaldean Dynasty, who reigned c. 605 BC – 562 BC. According to the Bible, he conquered Judah and Jerusalem, and sent the Jews into exile. He is credited with the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

    • "Nabû-kudurri-uṣur", "Bakhat Nasar"
    • Babylon
    • 610
    • October -562 (47-48)Babylon
  5. Nebuchadnezzar II is king of Babylon . 601 BCE. Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon unsuccessfully attempts to invade Egypt . 597 BCE. Babylonian king Nebuchadnezar captures Jerusalem . 597 BCE - 587 BCE. Jews are deported to Babylonia . 585 BCE - 572 BCE. Nebuchadnezzar II of Babylon besieges Tyre, unsuccessfully.

  6. Nebuchadrezzar II, or Nebuchadnezzar, (born c. 630—died c. 561 bc), Second and greatest king of the Chaldean dynasty of Babylonia.He began his military career as an administrator (c. 610 bc) and ascended the throne on his father’s death, just after winning Syria from the Egyptians (605 bc).

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