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  1. Nemesis: Sequel Trilogy (Nemesis 2: Nebula ... › Nemesis-Sequel-Trilogy-Nebula-Blu

    Nemesis 2 was a decent straight to video movie. Nemesis 3 was a little less enthralling but overall I thought it was an okay direct a video movie as well. Nemesis 4, however, was a piece of garbage. Nothing but weird and stupid sex scenes that end in some bizarre death and and minor action sequences.

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  2. Nemesis 2: Nebula [VHS]: Sue Price, Chad ... › Nemesis-2-Nebula-Sue-Price › dp

    Most of the beginning of this movie is frustrating because everybody is speaking in a tribal language; the makers of the movie obviously didn't think enough to provide subtitles. The action does pick up, however, when the robot Nebula shows up and starts killing people. Nebula chases the heroin, Alex, through the desert and craziness ensues.

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  3. Nemesis 2: Nebula (1994) - Albert Pyun | Synopsis ... › movie › nemesis-2-nebula-v154340

    Find trailers, reviews, synopsis, awards and cast information for Nemesis 2: Nebula (1994) - Albert Pyun on AllMovie - In the future, cyborgs have taken over and they…

  4. Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995) - The B-Movie Shelf › 2011 › 07

    Jul 21, 2011 · REVIEW: I know everyone warned me to stay away from Nemesis 2: Nebula and the other Nemesis sequels, but I wanted to check them out for myself anyway. 1, Bad movies are my forte' so if you tell me to stay way from something because it's a bad movie – that just sparks my interest even more. 2, the original director/writer did all four Nemesis ...

  5. Nemesis 2: Nebula - Film Nemesis 2: Nebula Nemesis 2: Nebula 1995 Acțiune, Thriller, SF ... MovieTvDb este o colectie bogata de filme, seriale si celebritati

  6. Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995) Movie Scripts | SQ › moviescript › N

    NEMESIS Nem-e-sis, noun, 1. goddess of retribution. 2. agent of punishment. The war between the humans and the Cyborg began 73 Year ago. Back in the Year 2027. 10 years later the war was won by the Cyborgs. They control the Earth and the humans became their slaves. There were a scientist who invented a super-DNA gene .. - which would produce a man

  7. Nemesis (1992 film) - Wikipedia › wiki › Nemesis_(1992_film)

    The film spawned four sequels titled Nemesis 2: Nebula, set 73 years after the events of the first film, Nemesis 3: Prey Harder which features characters sent back in time to 1998, Nemesis 4: Death Angel and Nemesis 5: The New Model which was released 21 years after the last installment.

  8. Nemesis (1992) นัยน์ตาเหล็ก ภาค 1. Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995) นัยน์ตาเหล็ก 2. Nemesis 3 Time Lapse (1996) นัยน์ตาเหล็ก ภาค 3. Nemesis 4 Death Angel (1996) นัยน์ตาเหล็ก ภาค 4

  9. Nemesis 2: Nebula subtitles | 15 subtitles › idmovie-50032

    Nemesis 2: Nebula subtitles. AKA: Nemesis 2. The Future Just Got Darker. It has been 73 years since Alex failed and the Humans lost the Cyborg Wars. Since then, the Humans have been enslaved. Scientists have developed a new DNA strain, which could signal the end of the Cyborgs, and they inject it into a volunteer.

  10. Sharon Bruneau - Wikipedia › wiki › Sharon_Bruneau

    She has had minor roles in the movies: Tornado Run (1995), Nemesis 2: Nebula (1995), Nemesis III: Prey Harder (1996), and R.S.V.P. (2002). In 2007, she did minor stuntwork for the movie Smokin' Aces. Sharon was also offered a role in the movie Endangered Species (1982) to play a bad alien.

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