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  1. Buyers worldwide go for bigger cars, erasing gains from cleaner tech. EVs would help. The energy used by cars and their CO2 emissions could have dropped by over 30% in the past decade if not for the world’s growing taste for SUVs, a new report from the Global Fuel Economy Initiative suggests. Retailers offer bigger Black Friday discounts to ...

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    The Gecko engine is used to power the Mozilla Foundation's Firefox browser. In addition to browsers, Netscape developed a suite of award-winning server software, known as SuiteSpot, to power enterprise Internet and Intranet websites, forums, and email; e-commerce software; and a consumer web portal named Netcenter.

  3. The Netscape web browser is the general name for a series of web browsers formerly produced by Netscape Communications Corporation, which eventually became a subsidiary of AOL.

  4. Feb 16, 2022 · "Netscape is the first Internet tool that lets the average user with a 14.4 kb modem work with the Internet interactively" Commercial users were supposed to purchase licenses of the browser at...

  5. Egyptian officials say Hamas is preparing to release 14 Israeli hostages Saturday for 42 Palestinian prisoners held by Israel in the second swap on the second day of a four-day cease-fire. An Israeli-owned ship was targeted in suspected Iranian attack in Indian Ocean, US official tells AP. Palestinian families rejoice over release of minors and ...

  6. A newly unsealed legal complaint claims Facebook parent Meta Platforms deliberately engineered its social platforms to hook kids. Supporting nonprofits on GivingTuesday this year could have a bigger impact than usual. Georgia case over railroad's use of eminent domain could have property law implications.

  7. Definition Netscape By Rahul Awati What is Netscape? Netscape Communications Corporation ("Netscape") was a computer services company best known for its web browser, Navigator. Navigator was one of the two most popular web browsers in the 1990s along with Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE).

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