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  1. The Chinese Virus Spread to the West on the New Silk Road

    Apr 06, 2020 · The Venetian traders Niccolò and Maffeo Polo visited Beijing in 1266, becoming one of the first Western Europeans to travel to China. In 1271, they set off for a second time, accompanied by ...

  2. Marco Polo (Character) - Comic Vine

    Marco Polo was a trader and explorer from the Venician Republic. He was born in 1254 to trader Niccolò Polo. Niccolò and his brother Maffeo traveled through out Asia from 1259 to 1269, returning ...

  3. Marco's Early Life - Marco Polo: Traveler, adventurer and leader

    Niccolò and Maffeo had left Venice before Marco’s birth, moving towards Central Asia in 1260, and joining a diplomatic mission to the kingdom of Kublai Khan. Khan asked the Polo brothers to return to Europe and persuade the Pope to send scholars to teach Khan about Christianity.

  4. All about Marco Polo

    Marco Polo was born around 1254 into a prosperous merchant family in the Italian city-state of Venice. His father, Niccolò, and his uncle Maffeo had left the year before on a long-term trading expedition. As a result, he was raised by extended relatives following his mother’s death at a young age.

  5. May 24, 2017 · Accompanied by his father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo, Marco Polo travelled overland to China in 1271–75. He then spent 17 years serving Kublai Khan (1215–94), grandson of Genghis Khan and conqueror of China, for whom he undertook assignments in China as well as in South and Southeast Asia.

  6. 15 Surprising Facts About Marco Polo | Mental Floss

    Niccolo and Maffeo returned to Europe where they picked up the young Marco Polo and somehow procured the oil, but not the 100 Christians, requested by the emperor, before journeying East again. 3.

  7. About Marco Polo | Marcopolo Oriental Cuisine

    Marco Polo was born around 1254 into a wealthy Venetian merchant family, though the actual date and location of his birth are unknown. His father, Niccolo, and his uncle Maffeo were successful jewel merchants who spent much of Marco’s childhood in Asia.

  8. Marco Polo and his travels - Who was Marco Polo? - Silk Road

    Marco Polo’s book also influenced European cartographers, including Fra Mauro who created his highly influential circular planisphere map around the year 1450. Niccilo and Maffeo’s first journey. The brothers Niccilo and Maffeo Polo left Venice and embarked on their first long sejour abroad when Marco was just a child.

  9. who was Marco Polo? | Yahoo Answers

    Oct 07, 2006 · Marco Polo (September 15, 1254 – January 8, 1324) was a Venetian trader and explorer who, together with his father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo, was one of the first Westerners to travel the Silk Road to China (which he called Cathay) and visited the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, Kublai Khan (grandson of Genghis Khan).

  10. Polo’s way was paved by the pioneering efforts of his ancestors, especially his father, Niccolò, and his uncle, Maffeo. The family had traded with the Middle East for a long time, acquiring considerable wealth and prestige.