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  1. Kónya Szécsényi - Wikipediaónya_Szécsényi

    Life. His birth name was Nicholas, but contemporaries (even in official documents) exclusively called him "Kónya" after his drooping ears (lit. "lekonyuló"). He was born into the powerful Szécsényi family as the eldest son of Thomas Szécsényi, Voivode of Transylvania and his first wife, an unidentified daughter of nobleman Paul Visontai from the gens Aba.

  2. Nicholas Szécsi - Wikipediaécsi

    Nicholas Szécsi de Felsőlendva (Széchy; Hungarian: Miklós Szécsi; c. 1320 – c. June or July 1387) was a Hungarian nobleman from the influential House of Szécsi. Nicholas Szécsi Palatine ; Ban of Croatia and Dalmatia ; Ban of Slavonia ; Judge royal

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    27 relations: Ban of Croatia, Ban of Slavonia, Banate of Severin, Charles III of Naples, Debrecen, Drugeth family, Emeric I Bebek, Frank Szécsi, Ispán, Judge royal, Kónya Szécsényi, Kraków, Krassó-Szörény County, Louis I of Hungary, Mary, Queen of Hungary, Master of the stewards, Nógrád County (former), Neapolitan campaigns of Louis the Great, Nicholas I Garai, Nicholas II Szécsi ...

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    Longer titles found: Szécsény District , Szécsényfelfalu , Szécsényi family , Ladislaus Szécsényi , Nicholas Szécsényi searching for Szécsény 9 found (67 total) alternate case: szécsény

  6. Garai family - Wikipedia

    Nicholas I also married his daughters well: Ilona was married to the magnate Nicholas II Szécsi, Elizabeth married Simon Szécsényi and Dorothea married Nicholas Frankopan, ban of Croatia and Dalmatia. "Bánfi" branch

  7. Michael Szécsényi - Wikipediaécsényi

    Szécsényi remained in his position until 1342. He frequently resided in his manor at Visegrád, near the royal court. Subsequently, he was also elected a member of the collegiate chapter of Székesfehérvár. During his minority, Szécsényi's two tutors were John, a canon of Pressburg and Nicholas Zalai, a canon of Székesfehérvár.

  8. Thomas Szécsényi - Wikipediaécsényi

    Thomas (I) Szécsényi (Hungarian: Szécsényi (I.) Tamás; died 1354) was a Hungarian powerful baron and soldier, who rose to prominence during King Charles I's war against the oligarchs. He belonged to the so-called "new aristocracy", who supported the king's efforts to restore royal power in the first decades of the 14th century.

  9. Count of the Székelysékelys

    Likewise, a special royal official, the Count of the Székelys, administered the Székely community from around 1228. The Székely territories came under the leadership of the Count of the Székelys (Latin: Comes Siculorum), initially a royal appointee from the non-Székely Hungarian nobility who was de facto a margrave; from the 15th century onward, the voivodes of Transylvania held the ...

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    Simon Szécsényi. 1401 . Seal of Simon Szécsényi. Chief Justice, 1395 . Arms: Azure, a crowned lion issuant from a crown Or, the base barry Gules and Argent. Crest: The lion from the arms. Simon Szécsényi coat of arms . Nicholas Csáky †1426 1st term 1402-1403 . Csáky family coat of arms

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