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  1. Deaths in March 2017 - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · József Szécsényi, 85, Hungarian Olympic discus thrower (1960, 1964). Tayfun Talipoğlu, 55, Turkish journalist and author, heart attack. Govind Talwalkar, 92, Indian journalist and editor (Maharashtra Times). Teresia Teaiwa, 48, I-Kiribati-American poet and academic, cancer.

  2. Ethnic groups in Europe - Wikipedia

    The Basques have been found to descend from the population of the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age directly. The Indo-European groups of Europe (the Centum groups plus Balto-Slavic and Albanian) are assumed to have developed in situ by admixture of Bronze Age, proto-Indo-European groups with earlier Mesolithic and Neolithic populations, after migrating to most of Europe from the Pontic ...

  3. Origin of the Albanians - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Debate. Those who argue in favour of an Illyrian origin maintain that the indigenous Illyrian tribes dwelling in South Illyria went up into the mountains when Slavs occupied the lowlands, while another version of this hypothesis states that the Albanians are the descendants of Illyrian tribes located between Dalmatia and the Danube who spilled south.

  4. Genetic history of the Iberian Peninsula - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Like other Western Europeans, among Spaniards and Portuguese the Y-DNA Haplogroup R1b is the most frequent, occurring at over 70% throughout most of Spain. R1b is particularly dominant in the Basque Country and Catalonia, occurring at rate of over 80%.

  5. Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain - Wikipedia

    The Anglo-Saxon settlement of Britain is the process which changed the language and culture of most of what became England from Romano-British to Germanic.The Germanic-speakers in Britain, themselves of diverse origins, eventually developed a common cultural identity as Anglo-Saxons.

  6. 18 de septiembre - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    Oct 12, 2020 · El 18 de septiembre es el 261.º (ducentésimo sexagésimo primer) día del año en el calendario gregoriano y el 262.º en los años bisiestos.Quedan 104 días para finalizar el año.

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