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  1. Nicosia - Wikipedia

    Feb 15, 2021 · Nicosia is the southeasternmost of all EU member states ' capitals. It has been continuously inhabited for over 4,500 years and has been the capital of Cyprus since the 10th century.

    • 220 m (720 ft)
    • Nicosia
    • Republic of Cyprus, Northern Cyprus (Recognised only by Turkey)
    • Constantinos Yiorkadjis (Ind.)
  2. North Nicosia - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · North Nicosia or Northern Nicosia (Turkish: Kuzey Lefkoşa [kuˈzej lefˈkoʃa]; Greek: Βόρεια Λευκωσία) is the capital and largest city of the de facto state of Northern Cyprus. It is the northern part of the divided city of Nicosia and is governed by the Nicosia Turkish Municipality .

    • Northern Cyprus
    • Nicosia
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  4. Nicosia - Wikipedia

    Feb 19, 2021 · Nicosia è stata fondata dai Greci provenienti dalla regione della penisola del Peloponneso, chiamato Acaia (in greco antico Ἀχαΐα, Acaia, Αχαΐα greco moderno), dopo la Guerra di Troia. Conosciuta come Ledra o Ledrae nei tempi antichi, la città fu sede dei re della casata dei Lusignano dal 1191.

  5. Nicosia - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

    4 days ago · Nicosia, o más correctamente Nicosía (en griego, Λευκωσία, Lefkosia; en turco, Lefkoşa) es la ciudad más grande de la isla de Chipre.

  6. Nicosia derby - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · The Nicosia derby (or the derby of the eternal enemies) refers to Nicosia's local derby, football matches played between APOEL FC and AC Omonia.It is the classic rivalry of Cypriot football, as the two teams are the most successful and most popular football clubs of the island.

    Home team
    13th Fixture
    22nd Fixture
    11th Fixture
    31st Fixture
    • Derby of the eternal enemies
    • Nicosia
  7. Nicosia International Airport - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Nicosia International Airport was the principal airport for Cyprus from its initial construction in the 1930s as the Royal Air Force station RAF Nicosia until 1974. At first, it acted principally as a military airport, and is still owned by the British Ministry of Defence.

  8. Cyprus Museum - Wikipedia

    Feb 18, 2021 · The Cyprus Museum (also known as the Cyprus Archaeological Museum) is the oldest and largest archaeological museum in Cyprus. The museum houses artifacts discovered during numerous excavations on the island. The museum is home to the most extensive collection of Cypriot antiquities in the world and is located on Museum Street in central Nicosia.

  9. AC Omonia - Wikipedia

    Feb 17, 2021 · Athletic Club Omonoia Nicosia (Greek: Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Oμόνοιας Λευκωσίας, ΑΣΟΛ; Athlitikos Sillogos Omonoias Lefkosias, ASOL; Omonia is Greek for "union") is a Cypriot professional football club based in Nicosia. The club was established on 4 June 1948.

    • 4 June 1948; 72 years ago
    • Η Βασίλισσα (The Queen)
    • Αθλητικός Σύλλογος Ομόνοια Λευκωσίας
    • GSP Stadium
  10. APOEL FC - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Active departments of APOEL Nicosia APOEL FC (Greek: ΑΠΟΕΛ; short for Α θλητικός Π οδοσφαιρικός Ό μιλος Ε λλήνων Λ ευκωσίας, Athletikos Podosferikos Omilos Ellinon Lefkosias, literally "Athletic Football Club of Greeks of Nicosia") is a professional football club based in Nicosia, Cyprus.

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