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  1. Nils Sixtensson (Sparre), af Tofta (c.1188 - c.1250) - Genealogy

    Nils Sixtensson (Sparre), af Tofta: Birthdate: circa 1188: Birthplace: Stockholm, Sverige (Sweden) Death: circa 1250 (53-70) Tofta, Adelsö, Uppland, Sverige (Sweden) Immediate Family: Son of Sixten and N.N. Husband of Märta Bonde Father of Sixten Nilsson (Sparre), af Tofta and Åbjörn Nilsson. Occupation: Riddare, Riksråd, känd 1301

  2. Sixten Nilsson (Sparre), af Tofta (1200 - 1295) - Genealogy

    Aug 20, 2020 · Sixten Sparre of Tofta. Sparre of Tofta (Sparre af Tofta).png. This lineage, which during its short heyday period from the end of the 1200 century to the beginning of the 1400 century, was one of the most prominent in the Swedish SuperSaver, brought in the gun a red Sparre in Goldfields as well as Sparre of Vik and Sparre of Hjulsta, with which, however, no Relationship should be proven.

  3. Sixten Nilsson Sparre - Historical records and family trees ... sparre

    Sixten Nilsson Sparre was born in 1228, in Uppsala, Sweden, to Nils Sixtensson Sparre and Märta Eriksdotter. Sixten had one sibling: Abjorn Nilsson . Sixten married Ingrid Abjornsdotter in 1242, at age 14 in Tofta, Uppsala, Sweden.

  4. Sixten Sixtensson (c.1165 - 1200) - Genealogy

    Birth of Nils Sixtensson Sparre, af Tofta. Stockholm, Sweden. 1190 1190. Age 25. Birth of Knut Sixtensson (Sparre af Tofta, till Vik)

  5. Sixten Sparre Af Tofta - Historical records and family trees ... af tofta

    Sixten Nilsson Sparre af Tofta was born in 1218, at birth place, to Nils Sixtensson Sparre af Tofta and Prinsessan Martha av Sverige Sixtensson Sparre av Tofta. Nils was born in 1185, in Tofta, Adelsö,Uppsala.

  6. Martha Eriksdotter - Wikipedia

    According to the genealogy she was married to Nils Sixtensson Sparre, a Marshal in Sweden. Martha’s paternity and her marriage are recorded in the book Anteckningar om svenska qvinnor by PG Berg and Wilhelmina Stålberg, Page 274. The title of the book in English is: Notes on Swedish women. (A biographical dictionary from 1864, covering only ...

  7. Abjörn Sixtensson (Sparre), af Tofta (c.1240 - c.1310 ...örn-Sixtensson-Sparre-af...

    When Abjörn was knighted he was already married to Ingeborg Ulfsdotter. Together they had the sons Nils and Ulf. Abjörn Sixtensson ( Sparre of Tofta ), dead 1310 , was a Swedish knight , counselor and drot . He was the son of an otherwise unknown Sixten and Ingrid Abjörnsdotter . titles. Knight. Sveriges riksråd. Seneschal. Period 1302-1304 ...

  8. Son of Knut Erik Sixten Carlsson Sparre and Maria Josefina Claus Husband of Märta Flohr Father of Nils Sixtensson Sparre; Ingrid Sixtensdotter Sparre; Erik Sixtensson Sparre and Private Brother of Freiherr Carl Sparre and Märta Maria Fredrika Sixtensdotter Sparre. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: March 9, 2019

  9. Sixten (Sparre) – Wikipedia

    Sixten (Sparre av Tofta), angiven son till det mytiska paret Nils till Tofta och Märta Eriksdotter av Sverige. Enligt standardverket Äldre svenska frälsesläkter är Sixten endast känd genom sonen Abjörns patronymikon. Sixtens maka var Ingrid Abjörnsdotter av Voxtorp i likanämnda socken i Östbo härad, Småland.

  10. Nils Abjörnsson (Sparre) – Wikipediaörnsson_(Sparre)

    Han var son till Abjörn Sixtensson (Sparre av Tofta) och Ingeborg Ulfsdotter (Ulv), samt bror till Ulf Abjörnsson. Han var gift med Bengta Abrahamsdotter som överlevde honom. Nils Abjörnsson fick såvitt känt två barn. Dottern Ingeborg, gift med Sten Turesson d.ä. (Bielke), dog någon gång mellan 1370 och 1377.