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    Noah Glass is the Founder & CEO of Olo (, the interface between restaurants and the on-demand world. He is an industry visionary whose mobile ordering work pre-dates the iPhone ...

    • Noah Glass is The Founder & CEO of Olo
    • New York, New York, United States
    • Olo
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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Noah Glass is an American technology entrepreneur, best known for his early work launching Twitter and Odeo, a podcasting company that closed in 2017. Glass is credited for coining the name "Twitter", which began as "Twttr".

    • Cofounding Twitter and Odeo
    • Technology entrepreneur
    • American
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    Mar 21, 2006 · The latest tweets from @noah

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  4. Noah Glass, Restaurants

    Noah Glass is the Founder and CEO of Olo (, the fastest-growing self-service ordering provider for the foodservice industry. Glass began working in the foodservice industry over fifteen years ago, serving as a cashier, server, bartender, and delivery driver before founding Olo in 2005.

  5. Noah Glass, the forgotten founder of Twitter - NewsComAu › technology › online

    Noah Glass, the forgotten founder of Twitter. NOAH Glass was so close to unbelievable fame and fortune but lost it at the last minute. What became of the man who dreamt up Twitter, but has been ...

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    Noah Glass spent his childhood in Newton Center, Massachusetts. Glass began to study at Newton North High School. He completed his graduation in political science from yale university.

    As a teenager, Glass worked as a delivery driver for a local restaurant pizza. He started a career as a software developer. He is the founder & CEO of OLO. He is most well known for being a software entrepreneur.

    Noah married Ray's wife with his wife Keiko in 2008, but it's been more than two years since they saw each other. They had a daughter.

    Noah Glass is one of the most popular personalities in the current world. He is most popular for his Twitter.

    The story of how Twitter was actually founded began with an entrepreneur named Noah Glass, who started audio in his apartment. At this time there was a startup called Audio of Evan Williams. It was going to be a podcasting platform. He told Williams that he wanted to spin it as Audio's own company. When, by the summer of 2006, Williams Audio was exhausted, Audio bought it from investors - and including Twitter. An audio worker named Evan and Biz and Jack Dorsey decided to create something called Twitter instead. Audio investors did not like Twitter When Obvious changed the name of the company, he fired Noah Glass. Although later he started again. Eve, who was the CEO, was not really happy with the growth and direction of the company. And Glass hasn't updated its Twitter, YouTube, or blog accounts in two years. Friends thought he had left Alaska and left life. Later it was quite difficult for him to deal with this work of Glass. To create the thing, it was his huge labor to bring it...

  7. Noah Glass Net Worth | Wealthy Genius › noah-glass-net-worth

    Apr 24, 2021 · Software developer Noah Glass was one of the important founders of Twitter. However, he left the company before it’s phenomenal financial success. Glass was allegedly ousted by other founders, Dorsey and Williams according to Business Insider. While they became super-rich, Noah didn’t make much at all.

  8. Noah Glass, Olo: Profile and Biography - Bloomberg Markets › profile › person

    Noah Glass is CEO/Founder at Olo. See Noah Glass's compensation, career history, education, & memberships.

    • Olo
  9. Noah Glass: Betrayed Founder of Twitter - PACE Business › noah-glass-betrayed-founder-of

    Jun 05, 2020 · The Twitter team originally comprised of Noah Glass, Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, and Biz Stone. Evan and Noah had built a company Odeo, which was meant to be a podcasting platform. However, when Apple announced that the iTunes built into every iPod would have a podcasting platform, Odeo was no longer relevant.

  10. Who Is Noah Glass? 9 Things To Know About The Ousted Twitter ... › who-noah-glass-9-things-know
    • College Dropout. Like many Silicon Valley superstars, including Williams, Dorsey and Facebook’s Zuckerberg, Glass did not graduate from college.
    • Career as Software Developer. Before he met Williams, Glass worked for Industrial Light and Magic, the special effects company founded by George Lucas.
    • Founder of Odeo. Glass developed a product that allowed people to turn a voicemail into an MP3 and host it on the Internet. Glass worked with Williams, his friend and neighbor, to turn this idea into Odeo, a podcasting platform.
    • Helped Pitch Dorsey’s Idea. Jack Dorsey undeniably came up with the concept that eventually formed Twitter, which was an SMS service that allowed people to broadcast their status to all of their friends.
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