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  1. The Noah Movie: Our Detailed Review | Answers in Genesis

    Mar 29, 2014 · Noah is a film filled with blasphemous representations of God and character assassinations of Noah. It distorts biblical truth in a way that is dangerous and will have a corrupting influence on those who watch the film without an accurate understanding of what the Bible actually teaches.

  2. Noah (2014 film) - Wikipedia

    Noah is a 2014 American epic Biblical drama film directed by Darren Aronofsky who co-wrote the screenplay with Ari Handel.Inspired by the biblical story of Noah's Ark from the Book of Genesis, the film stars Russell Crowe as Noah, along with Jennifer Connelly, Emma Watson, Ray Winstone, Logan Lerman, Douglas Booth, and Anthony Hopkins.

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    Noah Movie. 1.7M likes. Own #NoahMovie TODAY on Blu-ray and Digital HD.

  4. Noah movie review & film summary (2014) | Roger Ebert

    Mar 28, 2014 · Aronofsky's film seems to have the same aims but different concerns. "Noah" ties God's wrath to the indiscriminate despoiling of the land and the slaughter of earth's animal population by greedy and hungry humans. (Noah and his family are vegetarians and view the consumption of meat as a sin against God, referred to here only as "the Creator.")

  5. Noah is a Biblical epic movie. It is directed by Darren Aronofsky and written by Aronofsky and Ari Handel. It stars Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins, Emma Watson, Jennifer Connelly, Douglas Booth, Logan Lerman, and Ray Winstone. The movie is based on the story of Noah's Ark. The movie was released in North American cinemas on March 28, 2014.

  6. Trevor Noah: Son of Patricia (2018) - IMDb

    Nov 20, 2018 · Directed by David Paul Meyer. With Trevor Noah. Noah's South African roots and upbringing merge into his recent American experience making for funny and human juxtapositions and observations.

  7. May 19, 2014 · Noah's Ark & The Biblical Flood Are These Mythical Stories Also Factual? Nearly 200 ancient cultures with the capability to keep a wri...

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  8. The Days of Noah: The Flood (2019) - IMDb

    Jul 02, 2019 · Directed by Michael McCaffrey. With Doug Batchelor, Stephen Bohr, Leonard Brand, Art Chadwick. THE DAYS OF NOAH series investigates the revealing prophetic parallels between the message of Noah and the book of Revelation to uncover as never before, the Truth about the Ark of refuge at the end of time and how to enter into it.

  9. Noah: an unholy mess drowning in unbiblical detail | Film ...

    Apr 10, 2014 · The film begins with Noah as a boy, going through some sort of Conan the Barbarian-style snake ritual with his father Lemech. A raiding party appears and does his dad in. According to the Bible ...

  10. Noah movie Biblical accuracy: How the Darren Aronofsky movie ...

    Mar 28, 2014 · The movie implies that Noah and his family don’t eat meat—when Noah and Ham are attacked by Tubal-Cain’s people, Ham is confused about why they’d be killing animals.