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    The WGS 84 datum, within two meters of the NAD83 datum used in North America, is the only world referencing system in place today. WGS 84 is the default standard datum for coordinates stored in recreational and commercial GPS units. Users of GPS are cautioned that they must always check the datum of the maps they are using.

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    1 day ago ยท European Datum 1950: SAD69: South American Datum 1969: GRS 80: Geodetic Reference System 1980: ISO 6709: Geographic point coord. 1983: NAD 83: North American Datum 1983: WGS 84: World Geodetic System 1984: NAVD 88: N. American Vertical Datum 1988: ETRS89: European Terrestrial Ref. Sys. 1989: GCJ-02: Chinese obfuscated datum 2002: Geo URI ...

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