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  1. Nubia was an ancient African Kingdom. It dates back to around 6000 BC. It was in northeastern Africa. They were a valuable culture because of their trading abilities. They were on the coast of the Red Sea. That gave them many ports from which they were able to trade. This culture, though, had many hardships.

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    The Nubia Z20 is an android smartphone which was launched globally on 14 October 2019. It has two screens (on both sides of the phone) which can operate independently. Selfies and videocalls are made with the main camera and the rear display as viewfinder.

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    Nubia podría ser parte de la zona citada en las fuentes bíblicas con el nombre de Kush, Cush, Cus o cusitas. [2] [3] Para la antigua Kemet (Antiguo Egipto), Nubia era “Tai-Seiti” (la tierra de la “gente del arco”), población difícilmente subyugada pues sabían utilizar sus arcos y flechas.

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    Lower Nubia is the northernmost part of Nubia, downstream on the Nile from Upper Nubia.Sometimes, it overlapped Upper Egypt stretching to the First and Second Cataracts (the region known to Greco-Roman geographers as Triakontaschoinos), so roughly until Aswan.

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    Nov 07, 2020 · An ancient kingdom in the valley of the upper Nile bordering present Egypt and Sudan.··Nubia

  7. Nubia is a region along the Nile river encompassing the area between Aswan in southern Egypt and Khartoum in central Sudan. It was the seat of one of the earliest civilizations of ancient Africa, with a history that can be traced from at least 2500 BC onward (Kerma culture), and was home to several empires, most prominently the kingdom of Kush, which for a while even ruled over Egypt. Its ...


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    Nubia este o regiune aflată în sudul Egiptului, de-a lungul Nilului, și în nordul Sudanului.Cel mai mult din Nubia se află azi în Sudan și aproximativ un sfert din teritoriul său este în Egiptul modern. În antichitate a fost un regat independent.

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    Hiziv an deiz e vez graet Nubia eus ar vro zo e su Egipt, a-hed an Nil hag e norzh Soudan, met gwechall e oa ur rouantelezh dizalc'h. Eured Nubiat e kostez Aswan , Egipt Nubiz a gomz Yezhoù nubiek a renker da nebeutañ e daou skourr eus familh ar yezhoù nilez-saharek .

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