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  2. Numberjacks (TV Series 2007–2008) - IMDb

    Oct 16, 2007 · Inside the sofa of an unidentified family in London, the numberjacks operate their computer to find problems in the UK, with the help of several human agents. These problems just happen to involve an evil flying pink spoon, a bubble-breathing floating head and a mute number-obsessed criminal in a white coat and a hat. Plot Summary | Add Synopsis

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  3. CBeebies - Numberjacks

    Numberjacks Comedy adventure series, aimed at four- and five-year-olds, in which animated numbers solve mathematical problems in the real world, with input from real children On iPlayer

  4. Numberjacks - Wikipedia

    Numberjacks is a 2006-2009 British 3D animated children's television series, aimed at 2 to 6 year-olds shown regularly on CBeebies and occasionally on BBC Two.It was also formerly shown on Tiny Pop until 2018.

    Original Air date
    The Trouble With Nothing
    16 October 2006
    0 makes things disappear and 6 flies out to sort everything out. This is the first episode when a Numberjack makes problem.
    Going Wrong Going Long
    17 October 2006
    The Problem Blob makes the boys pencil get longer and the man's mop and the boys straw. 4 sorts him out. 3 can't go out even if she's taller than him. This is the first episode to contain the Problem Blob, and the first episode to have an actual meanie.
    Sphere Today Gone Tomorrow
    18 October 2006
    The Shape Japer turns every sphere into a cube. 6 sorts her out. This is the first episode to contain the Shape Japer.
    In Out Shake It All About
    19 October 2006
    Number 3 makes with her beautiful things. A girl has trouble with her pencil case. The Puzzler makes his eyes come out on both sides of him, making them turn, his glasses and nose on top: It's making everything outside and not in. 3 and 5 sort him out, once they are freed from the Puzzle Bubble. He wants to know about circumstances! This is the first episode to contain the Puzzler.
    • 16 October 2006 –, 11 December 2009
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  5. Number Jacks is the best thing in the entire universe. Don't listen to the other reviews they were payed by the makers of Yo Gabba Gabba to make fun of Numberjacks. It teaches you everything you will ever need to know and if you hate this show you must be possessed by demons to hate such a godly creation.

  6. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every week! This week we are learning to count with Numberjacks! Count 1 - 10 with the Numberjacks fun learning numbers games for ki...

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  7. NUMBERJACKS | Christmas Special - YouTube

    FUN FACT!WHAT is Numberjacks?It is all about excitement, fun and learning, thinking skills, problem solving and maths.Who do you play with? The Numberjacks ...

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    The Home of the Numberjacks. Games, video clips, pictures, and a chance to join the friends of the Numberjacks.

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