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  1. Odo IV or Eudes IV (1295 – 3 April 1349) was Duke of Burgundy from 1315 until his death and Count of Burgundy and Artois between 1330 and 1347, as well as titular King of Thessalonica from 1316 to 1320. He was the second son of Duke Robert II and Agnes of France.

  2. Odo of Burgundy, in French Eudes de Bourgogne (1230 – 4 August 1266), was the Count of Nevers, Auxerre and Tonnerre and son of Hugh IV, Duke of Burgundy and Yolande of Dreux. [1] In 1265, Odo became one of the last European barons to lead a crusading force to the Holy Land. Among his fifty knights was Erard of Valery.

  3. Odo I (1060 – 1101/2 Tarsus ), also known as Eudes, surnamed Borel and called the Red, was duke of Burgundy between 1079 and 1102. Odo was the second son of Henry of Burgundy and grandson of Robert I. He became the duke following the abdication of his older brother, Hugh I, who retired to become a Benedictine monk at Cluny.

  4. Duke of Burgundy ( French: duc de Bourgogne) was a title used by the rulers of the Duchy of Burgundy, from its establishment in 843 to its annexation by France in 1477, and later by Holy Roman Emperors and Kings of Spain from the House of Habsburg who claimed Burgundy proper and ruled the Burgundian inheritance in the Low Countries. [1]

    • 5 January 1477 (fief), 22 March 1761 (courtesy title)
    • Peerage of France
  5. Odo II (1118 – 27 June (or 27 September) 1162) was Duke of Burgundy between 1143 and 1162. Family [ edit ] Odo was the eldest son of Hugh II, Duke of Burgundy and Matilda of Mayenne, [2] daughter of Gauthier, Count of Mayenne and Adelina de Presles.

    • Marie de Champagne
    • Burgundy
  6. When Duke "of Brittany, Eudes" Odo IV was born in 1295, in Bourgogne, Marne, Champagne-Ardenne, France, his father, Robert II Duke of Burgundy, was 47 and his mother, Agnès de France duchesse de Bourgogne, was 35. He married Joan "Countess of Burgundy and Atrois" de France III in June 1318, in France. They were the parents of at least 6 sons.

  7. Eudes III (1166 – 1218), commonly known in English as Odo III, was duke of Burgundy between 1192 and 1218. Odo was the eldest son of duke Hugh III and his first wife Alice, daughter of Matthias I, Duke of Lorraine.

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