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    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Old Georgian (ႤႬႠჂ ႵႠႰႧႭჃႪႨ enay kartuli) was a literary language of the Georgian monarchies attested from the 5th century. The language remains in use as the liturgical language of the Georgian Orthodox Church and for the most part is still intelligible.

    • Periodization

      Two periods are distinguished within Old Georgian: Early Old...

    • Texts

      The corpus of Early Old Georgian texts is limited in size,...

    • Orthography

      Old Georgian orthography is quite consistent, in the sense...

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    Georgian (ქართული ენა, romanized: kartuli ena, pronounced [kʰartʰuli ɛna]) is a Kartvelian language spoken by the Georgians. It is the official language of Georgia. Georgian is written in its own writing system, the Georgian script.

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  4. Old Georgian Club - Wikipedia › wiki › Old_Georgian_Club

    Old Georgian Club is an Argentine sports club located in Palermo, Buenos Aires.Founded in 1908 by alumni of St. George's College of Quilmes, the club sees itself as a pillar of Buenos Aires' British community.

  5. Georgian lari - Wikipedia › wiki › en:Georgian_lari

    The name lari is an old Georgian word denoting a hoard, property, while tetri is an old Georgian monetary term (meaning 'white') used in ancient Colchis from the 6th century BC. Earlier Georgian currencies include the maneti, abazi, and Georgian coupon or kuponi (მანეთი, აბაზი and კუპონი, respectively).

  6. Wp/oge - Wikimedia Incubator › wiki › Wp

    Wp/oge. From Wikimedia Incubator < Wp Wp > oge. Jump to navigation Jump to search. Old Georgian Wikipedia. This is an open test wiki of the Wikimedia Incubator.

  7. Requests for new languages/Wikipedia Old Georgian - Meta › Wikipedia_Old_Georgian

    The language proposal policy requires that a language have living native communities to serve as the wiki's audience and editing community. Old Georgian is classified by ISO 639-3 as "historical", and it has no living native communities.

  8. აფხაზეთი - Wiktionary › wiki › აფხაზეთი

    Apr 12, 2021 · Wikipedia ka Etymology [ edit ] From Old Georgian აფხაზეთი ( apxazeti ) attested in The Martyrdom of Saint Abo , in that time denoting the kingdom of Abkhazia, which took up most of western Georgia; equivalent to აფხაზი ( apxazi , “ Abkhaz person ” ) +‎ -ეთი ( -eti ) .

  9. ადამიანი - Wiktionary › wiki › ადამიანი

    Mar 29, 2021 · From Middle Georgian ადამიანი (adamiani), from Old Georgian ადამეანი (adameani), where the suffix soon shifted to -იანი (cf. ქრისტიანი (krisṭiani)). Equivalent to ადამი (adami) +‎ -იანი (-iani), literally “descendant of Adam, the first human”.

  10. Georgian language and similar languages | › Georgian_language

    Georgian is spoken by the Georgian diaspora. Middle East - Wikipedia The Septuagint is the basis for the Old Latin, Slavonic, Syriac, Old Armenian, Old Georgian and Coptic versions of the Christian Old Testament.

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