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  1. Otto I de Bourgogne (1170-1200) | Familypedia | Fandom

    Otto I Staufen de Bourgogne, Count of Burgundy, Count of Luxembourg, was born 1170 to Friedrich I Barbarossa of the Holy Roman Empire (1122-1190) and Béatrice I de Bourgogne (1145-1184) and died 13 January 1200 of assassination. He married Marguerite de Blois (c1170-1230) 1190 JL . Notable ancestors includeAlfred the Great (849-899), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996). Ancestors are ...

  2. Otto I (c. 1180 – 7 May 1234), a member of the House of Andechs, was Duke of Merania from 1204 until his death. He was also Count of Burgundy (as Otto II) from 1208 to 1231, by his marriage to Countess Beatrice II, and Margrave of Istria and Carniola from 1228 until his death.

  3. Otto I Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family Life, Achievements

    Otto I was born on 23 November 912, to the Duke of Saxony, Henry the Fowler and Matilda, his second wife and the daughter of a Saxon count in Westphalia. He had four full siblings. His first military experience was as a commander during a German-Wendish battle in 929.

  4. Otto Guillaume I Vilim "Macon DeBurgundy ... - Genealogy Online

    Otto-William, Count of Burgundy Otto William (962 – 21 September 1026, born as Guglielmo di Ivrea) was a son of Adalbert, King of Italy, and Gerberga of Mâcon. His mother gave him what would be the Free County of Burgundy around Dôle in 982.

  5. Otte-Guillaume of Burgundy - EarthLink

    Otto alias Guillaume, or Otte-Guillaume Count of Mâcon, ca. 981?-1026. Count of Burgundy (Bourgogne). Typically known by the double name Otte-Guillaume in the modern literature, he appears in records occasionally as Otto, also called Guillaume ["Otto comes, cognomento Willelmus" Chron. S.-Bénigne, 162-4; "Nobiliter natus Guillelmus et Otho vocatus" ibid., 181; "Otto, qui et Willelmus dictus ...

  6. Otto Guillaume Count Of BURGUNDY - GenoPro

    Otto Guillaume Count Of BURGUNDY Otto Guillaume Count Of was born about 0958 in Of, , Lombardy, Italy . Otto Guillaume Count Of's father was Adalbert Marquis Of IVREA and his mother was Gerberge Countess Of BURGUNDY .

  7. Otto I, Holy Roman Emperor | Article about Otto I, Holy Roman ...,+Holy...

    Otto I or Otto the Great, 912–73, Holy Roman emperor (962–73) and German king (936–73), son and successor of Henry I of Germany. He is often regarded as the founder of the Holy Roman Empire Holy Roman Empire,

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    Adalberto King of Italy fled to Burgundy after he was expelled from Italy by Emperor Otto I in the mid-960s. After ex-King Adalberto died in 971, his widow married Henri Duke of Burgundy [Capet], who adopted as his heir Othon-Guillaume who was his wife’s son by her first marriage.

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    奧東四世 ( 英语 : Otto IV, Count of Burgundy ) 1248年-1303年3月26日 1279年3月8日-1303年3月26日 阿德萊德和于格一世所生長子 羅貝爾 ( 英语 : Robert, Count of Burgundy ) 1300年-1315年 1303年3月26日-1315年 奧托四世唯一的兒子 让娜二世 ( 英语 : Joan II, Countess of Burgundy

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