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  1. Outerstar Review by Richie Unterberger Outerstar's debut is pleasant, varied pop/rock that's well-produced, but also pretty hard to get a handle on as to where these guys are coming from. It's not odd or individualistic enough to get pitched to the indie or hip crowd, and not slick or heartless enough to make an assault on the mainstream.

  2. Package: 1 Pair Outerstar Ice&Snow Grips How to use: 1. Carefully fasten the grabbers to your shoes, starting with the large sizes are required if wearing over winter footware. 2. We suggest that the grabbers are used only on snow or ice to prevent wear to the studs. 3. Always clean the grabbers with a dry cloth after using.

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  3. Outerstar is one of the lesser-known gems in the music world today. Their self-titled debut album is 11 poignant tracks that trace a story from the opening track "You Love It When It Rains" (first single) to the slow ballad "There's a Road" ending the album.

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    OuterStar - Love Healthy, Love The Outdoors.

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    In the box, you get the walkie talkie, two straps and a product instruction manual. The device is available in three colours. There is a blue colour, a green and a grey colour available as purchase options. These walkie talkies use three AAA batteries which are not included in the box, which means you have to buy them separately. You should be care...

    There are exactly six buttons on the front, and the left-central side position is occupied by the push-to-talk button. This is absolutely perfect as a placement in my opinion. There is a power button on the extreme left. A menu button, as well as the flashlight button, is also present on the walkie talkie. Two arrows to control the volume are also ...

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    During my testing, I found that the range of these devices is just about 3 and a half miles in open spaces. Again, with all the range tests that are ever performed, your mileage may vary depending upon the kind of terrain that you live in. If you are planning to use this is an urban space, then the coverage will certainly drop drastically because o...

    As far as use cases go, I think that these serve best as gifts to kids under the age of 14. They can communicate with you and their friends while they are outside playing, so you don’t have to shout for them or worry that they will wander too far off. You can use it large shopping malls too, but only for personal use. There are 22 channels on this ...

    This walkie talkie is a really cool gift for a little child. It is easy to operate and has a simple design that will be understood easily. There is a flashlight present as well, which also comes in handy in dark situations.

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  6. Outerstar is the duo of singer/songwriter Nat Schellin and multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Chris Martin, who teamed up after meeting in Hollywood in 1993. It took them eight years, however, to come out with their self-titled debut album in 2001.

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