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  1. Palestinian National Authority - Wikipedia

    Nov 24, 2020 · The Palestinian National Authority (PA or PNA; Arabic: السلطة الوطنية الفلسطينية ‎ as-Sulṭa al-Waṭanīya al-Filasṭīnīya) is the interim self-government body established in 1994 following the Gaza–Jericho Agreement to govern the Gaza Strip and Areas A and B of the West Bank, as a consequence of the 1993 Oslo Accords.

    • Rami Hamdallah

      Rami Hamdallah (Arabic: رامي الحمد الله ‎, romanized: Rāmī...

  2. List of cities administered by the Palestinian Authority ...

    Nov 13, 2020 · The following is a list of cities administered by the Palestinian National Authority.After the 1995 Interim Agreements, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) took control of civil affairs in both designated Areas, A and B, where most Palestinian population centers are located (except those within the municipal borders of East Jerusalem).

    Common Name
    Arabic Name
    عبسان الكبيرة
    Area A
    أبو ديس
    Area B
    بني نعيم
    Area A, Area B
    بني سهيلا
    Area A
  3. State of Palestine - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · On 15 November 1988 in Algiers, Yasser Arafat, Chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), proclaimed the establishment of the State of Palestine. A year after the signing of the Oslo Accords in 1993, the Palestinian National Authority was formed to govern the areas A and B in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

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  5. Environment Quality Authority (Palestine) - Wikipedia

    Nov 21, 2020 · On 10 December 1996, the President of the Palestinian National Authority, Yasser Arafat, established the first organization in the State responsible for protecting the natural environment and mitigating effects on human health: the Palestinian Environmental Authority (PEnA).

  6. Palestinian territories - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The Palestinian Authority carried civil responsibility in some rural areas, as well as security responsibility in the major cities of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Although the five-year interim period expired in 1999, the final status agreement has yet to be concluded despite attempts such as the 2000 Camp David Summit , the Taba summit ...

  7. Palestinians - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · The Palestinian National Authority, officially established in 1994 as a result of the Oslo Accords, is an interim administrative body nominally responsible for governance in Palestinian population centers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

    • 80,000
    • 91,000
    • 1,890,000 (60% of Israeli Arabs identify as Palestinians (2012))
    • 20,000
  8. Palestinian Christians - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · The former Palestinian representative to the United States, Afif Saffieh, is a Christian, as is the ambassador of the Palestinian Authority in France, Hind Khoury. The Palestinian women's soccer team has a majority of Muslim girls, but the captain, Honey Thaljieh, is a Christian from Bethlehem.

  9. パレスチナ自治政府 - Wikipediaパレスチナ自治政府

    Nov 24, 2020 · パレスチナ自治政府(パレスチナじちせいふ、アラビア語: السلطة الوطنية الفلسطينية ‎, as-Sulṭa al-Waṭanīya al-Filasṭīnīya 、英語: Palestinian National Authority )は、ヨルダン川西岸地区およびガザ地区に存在したパレスチナ人による自治 機関である。

  10. PALESTINIAN AUTHORITY Resumes Security Cooperation with ...

    Nov 18, 2020 · The Palestinian Authority has resumed security and civil coordination with Israel, six months after PA President Mahmoud Abbas announced the cessation of ties with the Jewish state over its plan to annex parts of the West Bank.

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