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  1. Paranoia or real threat? Pampanga scion again claims unknown ...

    1 day ago · ANGELES CITY—The scion of a landed gentry here has again sounded the alarm, claiming that the threat against his life based on recent events is still very imminent. Jeffrey S. Dizon, 48, who on ...

  2. Side Effects of Smoking Marijuana, Warns Doctor

    1 day ago · Some patients will have severe anxiety and even paranoia after use. Most patients can connect the anxiety with the use of marijuana that contains high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

  3. The Inevitable (12) – The Essential Guide to Nazi Germany

    1 day ago · Paranoia generates distrust in… just about everything and everyone in general. And, of course, hostility towards both (often highly aggressive hostility). Consequently, paranoia (induced by COVID panic) creates a highly potent destructive force which will finally contribute significantly to the collapse of interpersonal relationships, the ...

  4. Conspiracy theory - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · A conspiracy theory is an explanation for an event or situation that invokes a conspiracy by sinister and powerful groups, often political in motivation, when other explanations are more probable. [4] [5] The term has a negative connotation, implying that the appeal to a conspiracy is based on prejudice or insufficient evidence.

  5. Doesn't FDA get bureauracy means zero when people die? That ...

    1 day ago · We need this nightmare to be over as soon as possible, low income essential workers and healthcare workers needs access to this Pfizer vaccine before the year ends in order to get a head start on preventing more deaths. The FDA is playing games with people's lives, paranoia about past vaccines going wrong isn't helping us now. When can my family and I feel safe again? When?

  6. 1 day ago · the human mind and understand the science behind how people think and act in a wide variety of everyday ...

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  8. Crossfaded: What Does It Mean? - Weed420

    1 day ago · Even essentially the most skilled customers of alcohol and hashish can discover themselves in that dreaded over-intoxicated area, when a enjoyable evening sipping drinks and toking up with mates turns right into a greened-out horror present. Crossfading, or being excessive and drunk on the identical time, is a troublesome factor to grasp with out going […]

  9. Паранойя — ВикипедияПаранойя

    16 hours ago · Сенситивная или сензитивная паранойя (paranoia sensitiva) — вид паранойи, который характеризуется сенситивным бредом. Острая паранойя. Острая паранойя (paranoia acuta; от лат.

  10. Erotomanía - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libreía

    16 hours ago · También se le ha llamado "paranoia erótica" y "delirio erótico autorreferencial" hasta la emergencia del uso común de los términos erotomanía y Síndrome de Clérambault. Este último término surgido del extenso informa sobre el tema publicado en 1921 por Gaëtan Gatian de Clérambault (1872–1934), con el título Les Psychoses ...

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